So Space

by Ashley M

Opening of Pietro Italian Restaurant

I recently attended the opening of Pietro Restaurant, this time not performing but I followed Mr.B there. He’s the performer for the night.

It is a modern posh looking place, with really good food. Hadn’t got a chance to take many pictures of the place as much as I wanted to, because I had a crisis earlier in the evening :

Okay, so I went to Pietro early at 6pm with mr.B to set up and soundcheck before starting. I wore a pair of shorts and a crop top, knowing that I could change my clothes later.

When I decided to change in the bathroom, the zipper on my dress caught the fabric,creating a hole in it.CREATING A HOLE IN IT. I’m in a hot bathroom. Stuck in a dress I’m supposed to wear but can’t now because it’s totally ruined. Event starts in an hour.

Was so close to tears! I was desperate, mr.B was busy, so I had to emergency call my girl Sab. She was busy too. So was HK. 😦 I was flustered, angry and miserable. People were arriving in their dresses and heels and I’m stuck looking like this.

Anyway, I made a mad quick drive to Bangsar, to get a dress. I just didn’t feel like giving up yet. After searching in shops at Bangsar village 1&2, there’s absolutely nothing that I liked, so I decided to try my luck at the boutiques near Jalan Telawi.

It’s like God was on my side because I managed to get the prettiest dark turquoise cocktail dress that fitted me perfectly and that boutique had so many choices. Was mad happy and got the dress, did my makeup in the car and rushed back to Pietro.

Amazing. I managed to salvage the night. Had listened to the rest of Mr.B’s performance, which was good… Also watched my Granduncle Jerry and his band play along with Datuk Leonard’s singing.

I also met Isabella Kuan, one of the bloggers whose blog I read btw. 🙂 she is so pretty in real life! And talented as well, she sang impromptu with the band. I met many awesome people there that night.

It was so worth it to get a new dress and come back to Pietro tear-free and frown-free. 🙂


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