So Space

by Ashley M

FHM GND 2013

Just got back from FHM Girl Next Door 2013 Search Auditions.

What I wore, something sunny and casual. Top by Miss Sabrina Ong, who was incredibly kind to help me choose my outfit yesterday.
 I have a habit of standing oddly.
It was held at Amber Chia Academy at Jaya One. (I think it’s still on) I was the earliest contestant to come in, got the #1 sticker on my arm for the judges to indicate who I am.
I. was. so. nervous.
All the other girls there were older than I am! I’m 18. And for the first time in a long time, I felt like a kid. But the other girls were pretty nice.. and really pretty too. 🙂 I met some nice people, hopefully I get to see them again, in the next round.
Fingers crossed, I hope I get selected for the second round.
I felt a bit shy when walking in front of the judges but I had fun nonetheless. The judges were cool.. They asked interesting questions – it was fun.
Guess I’ll have to wait for the results to see if I get selected. 🙂
Some paperwork..
Some of the pretty ladies for the search.
That’s about all! I had not any time for taking pictures today. Really hope I get through this round!
Ps. Hair by 8 Days Studio (again)

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