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by Ashley M

Trinity Guildhall graduation

So last month, I had attended the Trinity Guildhall Graduation Ceremony held at the Grand Dorsett Hotel, Subang Jaya. I had graduated from Associate Trinity College London diploma in piano, from 2009, hence I got the opportunity to attend this ceremony. 🙂
Of course, a million hugs and kisses go to my beloved family who support me all the way in pursuing music as a career and a major. Especially my mother and my own piano teacher, who strives to give me more piano classes as much as she can to teach me and to guide me all the way to getting more diplomas!

Kim & I

Mom, myself and dad. See any resemblance?

More thanks go to my beloved extended family, my aunt’s family on my mother’s side who give me all the love and support I need to keep going. They also came to take pictures during the ceremony. *points up* My cousin and his fiancee.

All of us.

The flowers my mother just had to get, just so that I won’t go there empty handed. Love you, mum. :’)

Heeeeyyy… Who would’ve known that Mr.Fish N Chips (Joel) would be here too! Yay! I wasn’t alone that day..

Mr.B too! I feel so short in this picture.

Had done a studio shot as well, just before we left. The ceremony started early in the morning, I had to be there at 7.30am. Woke up slightly cranky, but it went better than expected. Had Japanese buffet for lunch after.
My mom put in so much enthusiasm, in this ceremony. Sad to say that I only learnt to appreciate her being proud of me and her efforts on that day after the ceremony. Nonetheless, she’s the best mom in the entire universe (I’m biased) and the one who’s proudest of my accomplishments.
Oh yeah. Did I mention that wearing the robe made me feel like the Darth Vader? That aside, I’m so glad and happy to be the first one in my MAH family to graduate, although I’m not the oldest in the family.
 I’m so  grateful that I have my family and my aunt’s family to support me. Love you all.

2 comments on “Trinity Guildhall graduation

  1. Brien Chia
    October 27, 2011

    I look like crap!


  2. Ev.3
    November 2, 2011

    No you don't! 🙂


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