So Space

by Ashley M

Oktoberfest 2011

Attended the Oktoberfest over at Guinness Anchor Berhad yesterday, with Tim. It was an interesting experience! Got to try different kinds of beer, which was cool. Although I wasn’t really a beer fan and despite drinking annoyingly slow, I actually liked Strongbow beer. 🙂

Me & my glass of Strongbow.

Tim, who was kind enough to introduce me to the wonderful world of beers and myself. 🙂

With some Oktoberfest girls. You can’t imagine how short I feel.

Almost everyone’s favourite ; the famous Kilkenny.

Some seriously cool decor going on, made of beer bottles.

Inside the Tavern

Cool. They even got a brass band playing some German songs. It was so lively you would feel like you wanted to dance to it.

Everyone loves Paulaner too.

Free flow of beer for the whole night! I asked Tim, “What are the chances of people getting super drunk tonight?” His reply was, “100%.” Clearly.

Lionel & I, who also loves cosplays and Anime and computer games! Gamers ftw!

I was quite sure Tim was checking someone out while I snapped this picture…. was he? haha

Totally no need for blusher in this picture.

And, best part of the night!

I learnt how to tap my own beer!

It was fun! When  I went home and told my dad I learnt how to tap beer, he was like “I used to work  in the bar too. Which means I know how to tap beer TOO.” Interesting, I didn’t know that bout you, dad.

Oh yeah, I also learnt that Oktoberfest is actually an anniversary celebration of a prince and princess in Germany, and usually celebrated by Germans in October! We Malaysians join in the party as well!

Strongbow FTW!

 It was a good time out from the books and after being so extremely tired from the Republic Model Search the night before, this was a good time to just unwind.

Going to Guinness Anchor Berhad for the first time was surprisingly fast, and easy, especially with the help of a trusty Papago GPS, totally a lifesaver. It was even easier to go back home with it.


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