So Space

by Ashley M

Hair history timeline

Just a post ranting about hair.

Warning : This post is 80% pictures.

Dec 2010
After escaping the terrors and restrictions of high school, the very FIRST THING I did the last day of SPM itself was dye my hair.
 I didn’t care how crappy it looked, I was just so happy that.. My hair wasn’t just half-assed black hair.

Yeah.. It was a somewhat “Chinchye” dye job my mom did for me at 11pm. 🙂 I was still happy with it. It supposed to be Red, I used Revlon hair dye.

Yeah this one. Didn’t do much for me though. :/ now that I realize.

Late January 2011
Anyway, moving on.. I then decided to move away from coppery colours and plunge into browns and ashier colours rather than red based.

These were taken in April this year. Obviously went to my usual hair salon at Sungei Wang to get it done better this way.

May 2011
Later on, I decided to be braver and go for something.. bolder.

Started off like this… golden.

And then it became like this  (which is still okay) :

Until the roots grew out and the gold turned into an unappealing shade of copper, that looked pretty horrible on my skin tone, I decided to lay off my “blonde ambition”, to which my brain is asking me now “What the heck were you thinking?”

Look at those nasty roots.

Late September 2011
I decided to lay off light hair about 3 months ago and become a brunette.

Received tons of compliments telling me how much more radiant I look, how fresh and better I look with darker hair. So I decided to stick to it. To be honest, I kinda liked it more too. Unnaturally darker hair. I like the contrast to my skin tone.

Just today 😀
I just decided to prettify merosakkan my hair, adding just a little twist to it. I always had a thing for cartoons with black and red hair, or black and blue hair. Having bold looking hair and not some boring common hair is just… nice. 🙂

I highlighted my ends red and dyed the top of my hair jet black. After 4 plus hours of waiting, (many thanks to the awesome Sabrina who took me to Sg Wang to do it and waited for me),my hair turned out nice.

More pictures soon! 🙂


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