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by Ashley M

Of models and beauty pageants.. MIFW Preparty 2011

I’m back! Notice my red ends? 🙂

Attended the Malaysia International Fashion Week 2011’s preparty yesterday at Zeta Bar, Hilton KL Sentral with Malaysia’s Hottest Bloggers, Kronenbourg launch.

Was happy to see many familiar faces there.
Fellow MHB’s with our Kronenbourgs : 
Mynn Lee, Zoey & Naomi Tham.

Michael Yip & Mynn


And of course, Tim with some Miss Universe Malaysia Finalists for 2012.

Speaking of pageants…

The winner Kimberly Leggett & runner-up Gabriella Robinson.

Finalist Magdalene

Another member of MHB, who also is a finalist, Zana Chin!

So jealous of their height… * sniff*

Finalist Boon Lu Xanne

Kimberly Leggett

Finalists Cassandra and Jing Yi

Finalist Divya

Forming the Twin Towers towering over me, Nadine Anne Thomas (you may recognize her from Nasi Lemak 2.0 btw) and Zana.

Deborah Thomas, who also emcee-ed for today.

Deborah Thomas & Serena C.

Sparkle, sparkle.

Andrea Fonseka

Since it is the launch of Kronenbourg beer, Tim decided to “train” me how to drink some. For a non-beer lover (yes, I said it) the Kronenbourg Blanc was freakin’ awesome. No bitterness and less carbonated, it was so awesome and it had a somewhat fruity aroma.

They’ll serve you your glass of Blanc or French wine.
More familiar faces..

Wilson Tan & I. We met at the World Championships of Performing Arts in 2009. Since then, he has become such a successful male model. Proud of him. 🙂

It was good finally seeing him again.

Supermodel Amber Chia was there as well!

Perfection, isn’t she?

Mynn Lee and Raj Aria

Me & some model finalists.

They are the stylists for Ed Hardy fashion shows. How freakin’ cool is that?

Angelina & Es Azren

His tattoos were cool.

Anyway, meeting everyone there was interesting, got back a little tipsy since I had some French wine and Blanc. Nonetheless, bet everyone had a blast before the madness of Malaysia International Fashion Week starts next week.

I have a ton of stuff lined up for next week, one of them is a shooting for FHM’s Girlfriend Update section. I’m so excited!



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