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by Ashley M

Hennessy Artistry 2011 HALO

Attended Hennessy Artistry 2011! It was my first ever Hennessy Artistry together with Malaysia’s Hottest Bloggers and I must say, it was a night to remember. Getting to MIECC was a bit tough, especially when my GPS died on me & HK. Nonetheless, we survived the drive and it was well worth it!

HK looking smart, first time seeing him in formal!

Met a friend, Ivy.

Spotted a huge bottle of Hennessy. Now who wants a go at camwhoring with the big bottle? I do.

And HK.

There were also some games to play, it was pretty interesting.

And I met exciting people there as well.
Andrea Wong

Me & Helenness~

Fay Hokulani! She is so gorgeous and friendly.

Charles James Wright

Mynn Lee from Red FM!

Samantha from MHB.

Oh! I also bumped into my judge for the Republic Model Search 2011, the finals has been postponed till further notice, and I shall post about it soon.

Isabella Kuan from MHB.

With Tim Chew, our “Man of the House” of MHB, who celebrated his birthday at 12am of 13th November! Lucky guy, the event was on the Eve of his birthday.

Some of the MHBs. 🙂

And now about the event~

The place was HUGE. Full of party people.

The show started with a group of dancers rockin’ out on stage with glittery costumes and masks. Yeah, I’m very much attracted to them mostly for the glitter and shiny-ness.

Chris Willis was freakin awesome! All the songs he sang were so good. HK & I were over the moon, belting out whatever he was singing.

Landy Wen had on a very interesting costume as well.

Crowd went even wilder when they saw these guys come out…. YOLANDA BE COOL!

They went all, “Papa Americano” and people were bobbing their heads, singing along, dancing. It was so cool especially because it’s the first time I’m seeing artists like these perform live. (I’ve never been to a concert before)

Had taken a picture with the gorgeous ushers for the night. 🙂 Wow. I blend in and create a perfect “V” standing in the centre. Hahaha my height.. pfffft.

It was a memorable night. And super effin’ fun as well. Think quality music,man. No longer your usual clubbing mix music.

Looking forward to Johnny Walker Black Circuit this weekend! Have you submitted your entry to win exclusive passes yet?

Click here to go to my Johnnie Walker Black Circuit post.


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