So Space

by Ashley M

Shimokawa Mikuni & Ceui

Making their appearance only at Comic Fiesta 2011, here’s Mikuni & Ceui!

They will be at Comic Fiesta 2011, on the 17th of DECEMBER. The first day of Comic Fiesta, as Comic Fiesta 2011 falls on the 17th & 18th of December.

Shimokawa Mikuni is a member of the idol group Checkicco, rocking the world of J-pop with the opening and ending themes of various anime series.
She is most famous for her work on the opening and ending themes of Full Metal Panic!

Inspired by the Portuguese word for “Star”, Ceui is a prominent artist in the Japanese AniSong (portmanteau for “Anime Song”) circuit herself. This fantasy-filled singer-songwriter has performed the themes for Girl Who Leapt through SpaceLegend of the Legendary HeroesShattered AngelsSola and more.

This December 17, both of these talented artists will make their appearance at Comic Fiesta 2011 at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Center. The attendees of the country’s largest fan-made event will get to see them in person for the first time in Malaysia!
There will be no extra charge for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. December 17, 2011. Two amazing artists will grace Comic Fiesta 2011 with their presence, and you’re invited to join in the fun!

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