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by Ashley M

7aste Moscow @ Laundry Bar, The Curve

Attended 7aste MOSCOW at Laundry Bar, at The Curve yesterday.

Mr.B, my date for the night.

Took a picture with a model. Man, she so tall. 😥 And I’m wearing heels!

Care for a pack Mild7 in an ice case?

There was also an Ice Bar. Real ice! And some Kamikaze shots. Too bad I just recovered from a nasty cold, so I didn’t drink that much..

Andy Kho

Tim Chew

The party was hosted by Fay Hokulani. I just adore her white dress!

A Russian dance for our entertainment.

MHB Melissa Yang

MHB Naomi


Don Chan


Linora, Mynn & Jason

Zlwin, Zouk’s house magician performed cool tricks for us. He pulled out 2 cards from my hair!

Zlwin doing his thing..

Although it was a small venue, it was good to see everyone there and the music was pretty good. 🙂 Good for a first 7aste event.
Ended at 12am, but had to leave early to teach this morning.

It’s mum’s birthday tomorrow and my aunt’s the day after, and we just realized that mum & aunt got each other the SAME cards from Memory Lane. What are the chances of that happening? #greatmindsthinkalike

I hope she likes the s_______r I got for her. She doesn’t read my blog anyways.
 But Happy Birthday in advance, to the best mum in the world!

Photo credits to :
Tim Chew


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