So Space

by Ashley M


After having all the fun events to attend, the last bit of my A levels AS exams, little getaways..

It’s already December.

And that means, Republic Model Search Finals, Xmas around the corner, Comic Fiesta too, and then New Year. November just flashed by so fast!

Oh yeah! I finally got a new camera. After being frustrated at my previous camera for taking so darn slow to focus and slightly blurry pictures, I got the SAMSUNG PL120. *big grin* I love Samsung for being geniuses inventing camwhore cameras for people like me!

It’s 14.2 Megapixels.
It’s pink and shiny.
And the front LCD is like 80% of why I wanted it so bad.

It has so many cool features. One of them is the Jump Shot feature. It has a timer that will show on the front LCD and snaps 2x when you jump to get the perfect shot. Super happy with it!

There are more to it. And there are bigger and better versions of this baby too. But I like mine compact. 🙂

The pictures I took at the 7aste event was from this camera and I really liked it, but not all the pics in the 7aste post belong to me anyways. Anyway, I’ve been using this workout bench from some fitness place Mr.B got from Subang Parade..

It seems to be doing me alot of good!

Slightly stressing over preps for the Search Finals next week. Especially the bit where there’s a bikini challenge involved. *fingers crossed*  Imma use this bench every single day!

I also watched Puss In Boots with Mr.B!

Really wanted to watch cos Puss is so cute! But it all comes down to having a good moral value to the whole story. I rate it a 6/10. My kind of movies are like Fast 5. Mindless, cars and firearms.

Ps. A huge welcome back xo to Sab who just got back from Melb. 🙂


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This entry was posted on December 6, 2011 by in Camera.
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