So Space

by Ashley M

Birthdays in December

So this was what I did the whole of last week aside from illustrating an Accounting textbook for college, celebrated 2 birthdays in a week!
First, we celebrated mom’s bday at an Italian Ristorante at Sunway Pyramid. My mom turned __ on Dec 4th! (Age disclosed in case I get killed if she reads this post) . Love you, mommy! Happy __th Birthday!

Some people trying to show off that they’re taller than me.


And later on, we celebrated Donovan Ng’s (Sab’s cousin) 19th birthday! 
Happy Birthday, champ. 

Making his wish after relighting the birthday cake. (He blew out his candles the first time without making a wish.. tsktsk)

After which, we headed to Gosh Club, KL. It was only fun cos we had friends and especially with Sab, anything is fun when we’re both together. 🙂

Gosh Club was such a let down, honestly. No offence to you Gosh Club lovers but the place was pretty dodgy with many touchy dudes in the club! We felt scared even when parked at the side of Sheraton Hotel. Just because we don’t trust the people around the area, we weren’t used to places like Asian Heritage. Perhaps Zouk would have been nicer. (obviously)

 Listening to the music in Gosh Club makes me miss Republic at Sunway Pyramid so so much! Republic plays such awesome music compared to Gosh.
And even if you’re dancing on the podium/stage, there were douchebags who will pull your arm to ask you to dance with them. Even worse, one of them came up the stage to dance with me! And I was thinking, “Security?! Wtf?!”

Well, despite all that, Sab & I made the most of the night and I stayed over at her place. After which I played Night  Nerf with the Nerf Club of Sunway College University. I just love the adrenaline rush in the dark and the amount of fats I burn from running like a mad dog. Haha. It was so good to be reunited with the members of SHOTS again. This time, Matthew, Matthias & Joseph came to join us. Missed you guys!

I’m gonna start complaining about my scraped knees and sprained foot.
Warning : Gross pic alert.

Yeah excuse me if this picture made you not wanna eat for awhile.
But during Nerf, my knees decided to kiss the ground. Basically, I tripped and rolled to reduce impact but scraped my knees and injured my foot.

I’m surprised I still am functioning this morning because the pain was so bad I did not even sleep last night! I even cried like a little girl and shivered through the night. And when I got up from bed, my ears were suddenly blocked and I felt like I was about to faint. So cleverly, I fell back onto my bed. Thank goodness, no black outs.

Feeling better now though, after applying some ice on it. Of all times to be injured, when I have a full week of events and the Model search on Wednesday. I shall be optimistic about recovering, thanks to a motivational call from Sab. She’s the best!


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