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by Ashley M

Native Union’s POP Phone Headset – Win a trip to JAPAN!

It’s cool.

It’s retro.

It’s fun.

It’s colourful.

It’s the Native Union’s POP Phone headset!

Designed by the French designer David Turpin the POP handset combines classic style with a contemporary edge and is finished with a luxurious soft-touch texture.

 The handset has been manufactured with a high quality speaker and microphone and can be used with all mobile phones when fitted with the correct adaptor (sold separately) and when fitted with a USB adaptor (sold separately) can be used for VOIP computer telephone calls (Skype, Google Talk…). 

This product is fitted with a 3.5mm jack (compatible with the iPhone).

Other than the fun colours and the chic retro look of this phone,  POP phone was designed to eliminate over 99% of absorbed phone radiation

FYI, even sexy celebrities were spotted using this awesome headset!
Like Daniel Craig! *dies*

Lenny Kravitz

Jamie Lee Curtis as well.

They come in many colours :






Sky Blue


Dark Blue

And.. MY favourite color, PINK!
So which colour caught your eye? 🙂

Go to  ( to purchase your very own POP phone and stand a chance to WIN REALLY COOL PRIZES!

Join the POP & POSE contest!

Here’s how to enter this awesome competition :

You may purchase your POP Phone here.

Here’s the link to join the contest.

Well, the deadline for the contest is 25th of December, which is next Sunday. So HURRY and send in your entries and get your friends to vote for you!

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