So Space

by Ashley M

Last Friday Night

Well.. It’s more like, yesterday anyways. Sabrina & I went back to Republic to pay tribute. Actually, we went there for some drinks..

Before I start talking about that, I am *ahem* 1st runner up for the Republic Model Search 2011! Thanks to my lovely friends and fans who supported me. I love you guys. To whom who showed up and screamed their lungs out for me Wednesday night, I love you more. *blows kiss*
Congrats to Sabrina who got 2nd runner up as well! So proud of you. You showed the world that you have both beauty and brains. 😉

I shall make a lovely long post with pictures of that later. 🙂

Thursday night, I went for L’Aperitif Fashion with MHB.

With the girls. We had a fun ride to G Tower, despite the jam, we were in the car with Naomi, Johanna & Tim laughing and chatting.

Didn’t feel particularly well when I got there though, my mouth hurt to eat and after dancing with heels Wednesday night, suddenly I feel all the aches from then. Started to feel a flu coming too. Had to leave the party early.

Yesterday, the initial plan was to just have tea & get some stuff from Tangs at Empire.

Indulged in lasagne, tea & red velvet cake at Ms Read. As a huge fan of red velvet cake, this was the best I’ve ever tasted. The cream cheese was super perfect. I would so go back there again just for tea. Even the tea was amazing. We had ripe strawberry tea. 🙂

After catching up on Wednesday night, we last minutely decided to watch Mission Impossible : Ghost Protocol.

It’s amazing how Tom Cruise is so aged yet he can run around so much in the movie. And still looks good too. 😉 My rating for this movie is 8/10. I’d definitely wanna watch it again!

Yeah.. As I was saying.. Sabrina & I went back to Republic last night for some drinks. Some people may not love Republic Bar the way we do, because we just have so many good memories there!

Like yesterday when the manager and his assistants at the front of Republic were receiving payment for entry, he immediately recognized Sabrina & myself and greeted us with a friendly smile and got us in!

He knew we didn’t win the title, but he said he never forgot the both of us. He remembered that we were runner-ups but forgot the others on Wednesday night because he was so busy.
Such a sweetheart to let us in despite that there was a private function last night – Kazakhstan Independence Day.

Heck, Sabrina & I were staring at each other in amazement. It’s either our crazy luck combined or mad coincidence because the club was filled with good looking Central Asians, just like the first time we went to Republic Bar. It was Central Asian Cultural Night at our college, then the after party was held at Republic Bar.

Our first time at Republic Bar and we immediately fell in love with the place & music, despite how empty it is compared to clubs like Mist.. or Gosh.. or whatever. Call us weird, but we actually prefer a bit of breathing space in the clubs than it being so packed everyone is pushing each other.

Us yesterday, forgive the crappy resolution of my phone camera.

After hearing Jason say the Martini at Republic was good on Wednesday night, I decided to try.. my first martini. No olives though, I got a lychee instead. Because olives don’t agree with my tastebuds. *cringe*
Needless to say that one glass of martini was enough to make me feel superbly happy and start swishing my curly ponytail I had on last night. Sabrina got the Mangotini, something I had the first time we came here.

After drinking, we  hogged the podiums & speakers and danced till we were satisfied. More like till we were drenched in sweat. Then left with big smiles on our faces.
It’s always been like that at Republic Bar. We always leave smiling.

Republic just has a special place in our hearts and we always make sure that the memories there never get polluted. haha. Oh yeah, to top things off, we were parked right in front of Republic and parked for free too. Amazing. No one collected the cash after we waited there for like 20 minutes after we parked and right before we left. *shrugs* What did I tell you about our crazy luck?

The part which just brings a warm feeling inside was when people there recognized us instantly and greeted us knowingly. It just feels good to be known somewhere.. nice.. like Republic. 🙂
We may not have won the title of Miss Republic 2011, but we are definitely Miss Republics to them. 🙂

Now that.. really made our day.

‘No one forgets us. That’s what we are born for – to make a statement.’ -Ashrina

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