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by Ashley M

Nerftour 3

The latest Nerf tournament was held in Dewan Sekolah Kebangsaan Sri Selangor (SKSS) last Sunday, on the 8th of January.

For those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about, click here.

So far, NERF community Malaysia has carried out quite a few tournaments :

Nerftour 1
Nerftour 2
Dart Tag Tournament
Nerftour Survivor
Nerftour 3 (recent)

Since the venue was so near where I live, me and a few friends helped out to set up the arena, the night before.

Thats how the arena looked like. There were two courts, so that 2 games can play simultaneously, saving time for the whole event.

List of TEAMS


Each team as 4 members. So I’m a part of team SHOTS, we’ve played for almost all the events, except Nerftour SURVIVOR.

Here’s a few pictures of NERFTOUR SURVIVOR, a one-on-one battle (no teams) :

Using tents as barriers.
This was done in Bukit Jalil Park.

Oh look! That’s me! *points to the right of the picture* Moving on..

The winner of NERFTOUR SURVIVOR, Matthew Lu, also a member of shots.

A picture of the DART TAG tournament :

Nerftour 2

My team in the midst of battle. Jason, Daniel and me.

Matthew, Daniel (Ducky) and Jason, from SHOTS. Notice the word “SHOTS” on the T shirt?

Here’s a better picture of us! We were champs of nerftour 1 & 2… What about Nerftour 3?
Okay, so enough of past events. You get the idea now? Time to lock and load for NERFTOUR 3 🙂 
(pics a bit unclear taken by iPhone)


That’s me running to the RIGHT side of the court. *blur*

4th place winners, Team COMMANDOS. Also a team with one girl in it.
3rd place : Team PINK. They ALSO have a girl in it.. Hmm..
2nd Place : HEY! You guys look familiar! They’re the ABORIGINES, who also won 2nd place against SHOTS in NERFTOUR 1. 
And finally, we really didn’t expect to win again, but after training, sweat, tears and blood (I’m referring to ducky), it was well worth it. 
Now, this is the story of Nerftour 3 behind my fake blue contact lenses I wore that day.
Once upon a time… 

Nerftour started with a group stage. It was frikkin long, I tell you. The group stage was from 10am till 3pm. There were 4 GROUPS, consisting of 5 teams EACH. So basically, the teams who qualify for quarterfinals have to win 3 rounds in the group stage.

So confusing. Anyway, after which, we had the quarterfinals, which was based on elimination rather than choosing the “Best of 5(teams)”, much easier, much faster. When I’m not playing, I had helped to be referee or time keeper for other teams’ matches. It was madness, just running around continuously. But I enjoyed myself. 

After the quarter finals, the heat started to build up. You see SUPER DUPER familiar faces whom you’ve to go against. And you think, or rather I thought, hey, it’s gonna be like NERFTOUR 1 or 2 all over again.. just that they have better guns. o_o That aside, alot of people were complaining that they were low on ammunition, that’s because apparently people who are not playing, were just picking up ammo and taking it with them. 

In the semi-finals, it was :


Talk about familiar faces. Sure, we are all friends. Good friends, in fact. It was supposed to be a ‘friendly’ match. But it was anything… but that. Haha! It was hardcore craziness and going against people who knew how to play the game well.

The finals came down to :


It… was… the toughest match of the whole day! The scores were so close! We ended up with a 2.5-2.5, just a 0.5 difference. And it ended up being a “one for all” game at the final match, fighting for the last score. I was just doing my thing, camping, squatting for cover, suppressing opponents with foam bullets, covering for my team members when they’re out of ammo, guns jammed or reloading. It was all so fast.

Suddenly, I’m the last man.. umm.. GIRL. Standing. Against Hubert, who’s also last man standing for Aborigines. In my mind, I was like, “How the heck did THAT happen? What happened to my team? Where did everybody go?” The fate of SHOTS were solely in my hands. Gosh, the stress. 

“GO ASHLEY!” “YOU CAN DO IT…..” shouts my team members, then I forgot what else they said.
“No Ashley, you’d better focus. Don’t be an idiot. this is the last……” then I tuned out to my own thoughts.
 Everyone crowded around the arena just to watch.
 My heart was gonna drop out of my mouth and I felt slightly faint and dizzy.
Mr.B announced with his loud speaker that it’s the FINAL match of the FINALS and it was to be watched. I hate it when he does that!
 Mr.B, Nicholas, Chan Daniel and the others were watching to see whom gets shot.

I didn’t. 🙂

And that’s how SHOTS got the gold again. 

Many thanks to Hasbro Malaysia, SKSS, our friends who helped make this tournament a fun success and Mr.B, who organized the whole thing and according to him after we cleared the whole hall, “won’t be organizing another Nerftour for a million years”. I was certain he was kidding. 
Photos from Chan Daniel and 

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