So Space

by Ashley M

Brussels Beer Cafe, Jaya1

There’s so much happening in January.

Like.. birthdays and Chinese New Year! 🙂 Thoughtful and awesome Sabrina took me for a pre-birthday dinner last night. It’s not my birthday yet.. another one more day from now and I’m 19 already.
So we went to Brussels Beer Cafe at Jaya1. 
Weeelllll Hello 🙂

First we had the Belgium Croquette (RM12.80). These babies are potato balls,dipped in cream cheese in the little bowl at the side. I love it! Totally comfort food and very addictive too.

Brussels Pasta, sauteed pasta with chilli, aubergines and prawns! What’s not to like about this one?

Didn’t linger too long on main courses, because we both love our desserts!
We had…. Creme Brulee! 🙂

Sinful. It was my first time having creme brulee and it was absolutely amazing. More of these and my gym workouts will be futile!

 There’s a bar there too, serving many kinds of beers. We didn’t have any today. decided to have an alcohol-free night. Btw, the badass looking liquid in our glasses was green tea. Just sayin’. 😛 Sabrina took out the straws to make them look cooler.

Plus, it was quite interesting that we wore almost the same outfits.. It wasn’t planned, I swear! Just got in her car and saw her looking like this… “B*tch stole my look!” But I prefer to think, “Great minds think alike”. I just love how we end up wearing the same outfit! Most girls are against it, but I think it’s pretty cool, if you can pull it off… like us! 😛 Haa. Kidding.

Well, that was the end of dinner. I love Brussels Beer Cafe!

I’d rate the food a 7/10, service was a 6/10. Price is quite reasonable as well. You can check out their website here

 More posts to come! A huge thanks to Sabrina who took me out for dinner. 🙂 I’m really blessed to have such an awesome friend like her. She’s like, my other half in girl form. So that’s half of Team Ashrina hitting 19 years.. in a day’s time. So glad to have a buddy like you. Love you babe!

Now to prepare myself for my Bukit Tinggi adventure with Mr.B!


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