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by Ashley M

Turning 19

Hello! The post I promised. Mr.B was so sweet to make my birthday the best yet, so he took me to the animal park at Bukit Tinggi! It wasn’t a long drive there though… but when I reached there, I was like, “OMGAAAH RABBITS!!! EVERYWHERE!”
Got down from the car and ran into the rabbit farm. 
Btw, entrance is RM3 per adult. 🙂

 It was nice and cool that morning, despite a little bit of sun and quiet too. So peaceful.
This little guy came up to me first when I entered the rabbit pen. I just stood to observe. It went straight for my shoe laces! It’s obvious that the bunny was hungry.. Hmm.

Bought some food to go on a feeding spree!

This would be the coolest looking bunny in the pen. It had a very soft and nice coat of fur too. 🙂

Ooh! Other than rabbits, there were really cute guinea pigs too!

“Feeeeed meee~!”

Mr.B particularly liked them because they made cute squeaking and purring sounds compared to the silent bunnies.

More bunnies!

Horses? Donkeys? Yeah they’re a mix of both.
There were deers too!

I was brave enough to pet them.. for the first time in my life. *proud*

I loved the peace and quiet at the animal farm! 🙂 It was well kept and clean too. Was enjoying myself so much that 3 hours passed just like that! Just playing with bunnies and feeding them..

The list of stuff you can do at Berjaya Hills, Bukit Tinggi.

Next stop! The Japanese Village!

Walk, walk, walk… to get to this!

 Beautiful, isn’t it? *sighs happily*


After being surrounded in greenery and being satisfied with the view of the Japanese Village, Mr.B finally took me to the magical Colmar Tropicale, the French-themed village.

Isn’t it pretty? Looks like the castles in your storybooks!

I thought this was cool. Looked like what people used during Shakespeare’s time.

Pretty swans

Looked like a pretty little French village inside.

Shops that looked like these.

A large wishing well.

I had a really nice time at Berjaya Hills, Bukit Tinggi. Finally satisfied after playing with bunnies, visiting the Japanese garden and exploring Colmar Tropicale.

Maybe if you’re bored with Genting and want some quiet you could spend a night here?


The next day (which was the 15th), we all had an amazing lunch by Don & Daniel, who learn culinary at Taylor’s Uni. Mr.B had them cook stuff I like.

 Kim, Amylia, Sabrina, Don, Daniel and Mr.B were all there celebrating my birthday lunch. Felt so good to have nice friends around. :’) I owe them a huge thanks.

Home made steak.


Potato salad with Sake wine, Don’s trademark dish.

Bolognese sauce

 Some bread

Daniel’s mushroom soup made from scratch.

It was really thoughtful of them to come all the way and prepare lunch for me.

 After which, I had dinner with my parents and Kim at Sawasdee Thai Restaurant in Subang, USJ 1. A huge contrast to the western food I’ve been having since Brussels.

More food. 😀

Chicken feet salad.

Seafood Tomyam. This stuff is spicy but reaaallllyyy good. I must take Sabrina there one day! Also a fellow Thai food lover!

Dry curry Squids.

If you love chili, this is the right place to go, the pricing is quite affordable too. Just posting these pictures make me wanna go there again!
Anyway,this was the best birthday yet.


Thank you to everyone who wished me and gave me gifts on my birthday, or the day after in college! I had a blast. Really such a blessing to be surrounded by people I love, especially Mr.B who made everything happen.

And yay! I’m 19. 2 more years before I can vote. My last teen year.. blablabla.



One comment on “Turning 19

  1. Danny Foo
    January 27, 2012

    Heard a friend say Colmar bridge is kinda “haunted” at night. *shrug*


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