So Space

by Ashley M

Anticipating the year of the dragon

It’s Chinese New Year eve today, I’m sure most of the Chinese population would be going back to their hometowns, gathering with families and preparing for the traditional reunion dinner tonight before welcoming the year of the Water Dragon.

Of course other than going back to hometowns, parts of Chinese New Year includes :

the very bright sun and blazing weather,
the emptiness on the roads (during) CNY, not before because it would be the yearly CNY traffic jams,
the sounds of clashing cymbals which means there’s a Lion Dance somewhere nearby in the neighborhood,
Ang Paus,
having guests over,
visiting (not very much for me),
cleaning your houses,
many shops being closed,
no coffee shops for you… there’s always mamaks though!
CNY music on radio stations
CNY programs on TV
FOOD (how could I forget?)
..And box drinks.

Yeah, things like that. I was originally from Cheras, and it being a very Chinese-y area, I always loved CNY back at Cheras. I’d hear the sound of Lion Dances everyday. People wishing each other a Happy CNY at sundry shops. We would help my grandmother bake cookies. It was really fun, especially being a kid, you didn’t need to worry about anything.

In Subang, things are slightly different, but it’s nice to see people at home being more laid back and less noise. Although we never go back to Cheras anymore, we celebrate CNY differently. This year, we will have a nice and quiet reunion consisting of just my parents, Kim and myself. That’s family for me.

We still do clean up the house and my mom is preparing dinner like mad in the kitchen, at this moment, it looks like everyone’s taking a break. Dad’s asleep in front of the TV and mom’s just watching her Chinese shows, food mostly prepared, Kim on the phone upstairs and me, on the computer! Despite going out so much, sometimes it is nice to stay home with family.

I hope everyone out there is enjoying the anticipation of CNY! Although I’m feeling the CNY spirit yet, especially if you’re reading my tweets, I hope I’ll feel it some time soon. And to those too, who aren’t enjoying their new year yet. 🙂 Well, if you don’t really like CNY, at least anticipate the massive amounts of good food you’ll be stuffing yourselves with during dinners and lunches, not counting cookies and candies! I so have to go to gym after CNY.

So get fat  and enjoy yourselves with your families, friends and loved ones this new year because it only comes once a year! Also stay safe on the roads! 🙂

Gong Hei Fatt Choy!


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