So Space

by Ashley M

CNY 2012

Finally I’ve returned!
That’s Kim & I on the second day of CNY, we went visiting.

I had a very very short CNY! To start things off, I had wonderful results for my AS semester of A levels! First thing I did on the first day of CNY. The way I screamed when I saw my results freaked my dad out when he was downstairs too.
 Anyway, I had an excellent reunion dinner with the family and first day! There was obviously alot of eating too. So as soon as it was the 3rd day, I ran back to the gym to lessen the guilt!

Okay so tell me how not to get fat eating these non stop and continuously popping cookies into my mouth. Nonetheless, it was a good CNY with family! And yeah, I only got to watch a Lion Dance last Sunday when I was out with Shane at MBO Cinema, Subang Parade.

Watched Contraband

My ratings : 5/10.
This movie is about drug dealing. Not really my cup of tea but I like Kate Beckinsale’s hair in it so it gets a 5! 🙂

Had Chinese food for 5 days straight. After which, Mr.B, Jason, Kim and I kinda got ‘sien’ and went to Secret of Louisiana for some pasta!


Loved the view of the lake. We had an All-You-Can-Eat-Pasta lunch. Basically you pay RM15.50 ++ and u can eat as much pasta as you like. Not a buffet but they go by pastas per plate. 8 different pastas to try! It is really worth a try if you’re feeling hungry and craving for carbs delicious pasta.

Till soon, xxx


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