So Space

by Ashley M

Wedding of the year (Pt.1)

Firstly, a huge Congratulations goes to my cousin Kenneth Lim & his newly-wedded wife Marie Phua!

Today was their wedding mass at Church of Divine Mercy in the morning, followed by lunch and a tea ceremony at the house.

Flower girls

Iz, the ring bearer.

The rings.

The groom and his grooms’ men. That’s my cousin in the grey suit. *points* All of them anticipating the bride’s entrance!

The moment everyone’s been waiting for..

Tadah! The blushing bride in her Zang Toi wedding gown.

The wedding mass was a real success. It was really touching seeing two people get united for life. I am so genuinely happy and proud for them.

And of course, yours truly as the wedding commentator for today.

Their smiles after being pronounced man & wife. :’)

Yours truly.

Eileen & me

Eileen & Kim

Me, Eileen & Dolly jiejie

Me & my mommy. Resemblance? I picked out her dress and did her make up btw. And Eileen’s, Kim’s & Dolly jiejie’s before we went to church like mad people in the morning! Ah yes, including my own. Duh.

My super tall sister, whom everyone think is the “jiejie”.. Now I’m the baby. Haha

Welcoming the groom

Cousin & I. Him in his Chinese costume, trying to channel Ip Man.

Bride in hers, looking gorgeous.

The rest of the day was spent in Eileen’s room, camwhoring. 🙂

I love this picture of my niece.

That’s all for today. Tomorrow is the wedding dinner and my much awaited performance to walk in the bride & groom into the ballroom! *holds breath*  Well, may everything go as plan and stay tuned for a ton of pics of the wedding dinner.



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