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by Ashley M

Hoegaarden App Launch 2012

Apple users, Hoegaarden lovers, are you ready?

Hoegaarden has launched its own app for all Apple products!

The girls and I were down at Brussels Cafe, Sunway Pyramid for the launch of this awesome app on the 16th of Februrary.

MHB’s Kate, Johanna, myself & Emma

3.. 2.. 1.. and Launch! *touches screen*

If you’re wondering what this app is about, it works as an outlet locator whenever you thirst for some Hoegaarden beer. There’s even ‘Tasting Notes’, ‘Navigation route to Hoegaarden outlet from user current location’ and ‘Twitter and Facebook connectivity’ featured in this app.To make your drinking experiences fun yet responsible, there’s even a list of taxi services you can get via the app if you are too drunk to drive! How convenient is that? 

Oh yeah, there’s a Spin the Bottle game you can play on the app with friends while enjoying your Hoegaarden too!

*points* That’s the game of Spin the Bottle, as you can see.

So, cheers and enjoy your Hoegaarden beers even more with the help of this app! Find out more by just going to your Apps store and start downloading. It’s free of charge too! 🙂

For more info and updates, head over to Hoegaarden Malaysia’s Facebook page.


Photo credits to Tim Chew.


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