So Space

by Ashley M

Roller coasters

So Sabrina and I went to gym the other day and decided to use some machines. We came across this abs machine.. this is gonna sound so lame but the handles for the arms reminded me very much like the safety thing on a roller coaster! :O

See the orange safety bars? Yeah. It was something like that. Being typical Ashrina, we were imagining roller coasters, pretending it’s going up, and down, screaming and laughing. After reading this, you’d prolly never look at me in the gym the same way anymore. 

Which also led me to remember how thrilling and exciting roller coaster rides are. And made me think of the most recent time I sat on one. Maybe a month ago, at Sunway Lagoon. I never had the courage to ride roller coasters especially that particular one called City of Lost Gold or something. Yup — I’m a chicken when it comes to scary rides.

I rode it anyways, telling myself to ignore the fear. But as soon as it was climbing up, up, up and stopped for awhile, just enough for me to have a view of how friggin high I was and the whole of Sunway, in my mind I was like, “Fmlfmlfmlfml…what was I thinking?! It’s too late.. blablabla.. This is how I die… blabla”

Then this happened.

I remembered screaming so ear-splitting loud my left side hurt and cramped pretty badly. There were four or five drops one after the other. Even looking at this picture makes my heart beat a little faster.

Before I knew it, the ride ended. I actually enjoyed it.The thrill was too much fun. Can’t imagine what I was missing if I just stayed a chicken!

Anyway, this saying is pretty common.

I’d usually roll my eyes at it and go all. “Duh.” about it. But it is really true, obviously. But what we don’t see about the downs in life is the ups that would come next.
One day, when I was having such a horrible day, someone really wise told me that all the bad stuff happening means “something good is about to come soon”. Having such a rotten mood, I didn’t even think about it. But that very evening, I found a necklace which I thought I lost a week ago. It’s one of those special necklaces that mean the world to me.

Seeing the brighter side of things can be tough. But it doesn’t hurt to try. 🙂  Having pms is an exception.

Pretty pictures of roller coasters for eye candy! 🙂

“c’est la vie”

Have a good night and enjoy your weekend!


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