So Space

by Ashley M

John Carter movie

So I just got back home from the screening of John Carter.

This movie, in my opinion, has a mixture of Western Cowboys, Gladiators, Aliens and machines. Quite a sci-fi movie. John Carter is an ex-military captain, who suddenly got transported to Mars, then got involved in war on the planet itself among the inhabitants (I wouldn’t call them humans/aliens..I think) of Barsoon (which was what planet Mars was called in their language).

It’s an *interesting* movie. Not a huge sci-fi fan but I had fun laughing at some bits in the cinema. All in all, I’d rate it a  5/10. (I’m biased cos I am not huge on sci fi movies, or aliens, or machines, or flying spaceships,etc)

But hey, it’s a good movie for you guys who love stuff like that! 🙂

John Carter looking something like the Prince of Persia and the princess of Barsoon (Mars, like I said).

 Ashley Mah


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This entry was posted on March 6, 2012 by in John Carter, movies, Screening.
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