So Space

by Ashley M

This Means War

So John Carter wasn’t the only movie I’ve watched these past few days.

I also watched This Means War.

Rather interesting plot where Reese Witherspoon plays the girl who comes between two best friends, also CIA agents, Tom Hardy and Chris Pine who both battle to win her heart.

Which means sabotaging each other’s plans. Muahahahaha

Girls, I can tell you that even this movie isn’t very deep, rest assured that you have eye candy throughout this whole movie! Tom Hardy & Chris Pine. Take your pick.

Well, if you were Reese Witherspoon, you too would have a hard time choosing between these guys, right? One’s British and I think I’ve made my choice. *winks*

My ratings for this movie would be a 6/10.

Ashley Mah


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This entry was posted on March 6, 2012 by in movies, This means War.
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