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by Ashley M

7 things I can never get sick of

I’ve been so caught up in exams this week, it’s driving me crazy! Not only me of course, probably the whole of the A levels program in Sunway. Stress, panic, and tears. Never fail to break down every single day studying, racing for time and just panicking. Today I took my 4th paper. Another one last one to go on Friday! After which, is just bliss! Gonna dance till my feet hurt

So I was just thinking of things that make me happy, then my babe Yukiko started a tag on her blog and I decided to spread it.

So here are the 7 things I can never get sick of,

1) Vacations.
It’s #1 on my list because I’m actually planning one! It’s always a lovely experience to go on holiday or travel with friends/loved ones. Just need some time to unwind after a whirlwind of exams.. Be it a roadtrip with a girlfriend, or a romantic beach getaway with a boyfriend, holidays are always lovely!

2) GYM 
Okay, I’m not a gym freak but I really love my Fitness First Platinum Membership! Don’t you feel all fresh and nice after a long long workout?

3) Iced Milo
One of my guilty pleasures, I can have it anytime!

4)  Nailpolish
I can never. Ever. Get tired of nailpolishes! Wanna bribe me? Just get me a bottle or two. *hinthint* I just laaarve nailpolishes… Especially attracted to glitter and pink. ❤

5) My violin
Especially on days when I’m stressed out or angry, playing my violin just takes the negative energy away..

6) Dancing
What I call my “Friday Night Sport!” Salsa dancing is a new love for me, but I definitely can’t get sick of dancing!

7) Dinner for two
Since Valentine’s day, I learnt how to appreciate romantic dinners. Ditched my denim shorts and tank tops, put on a pair of stilettos and bright pink pencil skirt. Gazing into the eyes of your lover over the glow of candles and enjoying a meal together, what’s not to love? ❤

So, what are the 7 things you can’t get sick of? 🙂 

xxx Ashley Mah


2 comments on “7 things I can never get sick of

  1. Yukiko Tan
    April 4, 2012

    ok, you just made me crave for milo!!



  2. Ashley Mah
    April 4, 2012

    Guilty! I just had it today. Hee.


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