So Space

by Ashley M

Of Nails for Easter, Photos and Angry Greek Gods.

Finally! The worst is over! (referring to my mock exams)

After a week of papers, I’m free to go and enjoy the weekend! Despite having a horrible food poisoning yesterday, having to see the doctor twice and fainting. -.-

Today’s paper was a disaster. Totally. Combination of factors ; had 2 hrs of sleep, took heavy medication, panicking, stomach pain. Finished a 3 hour paper in one hour. Bet people were watching me as I’m the first one to walk out of the hall. *shakes head*

On a happier note, I painted my nails for EASTER!

Also, I finally got a few of the results of last Saturday’s evening shoot with Chris. 🙂

Shot at a random field near my area. I’m really settling in my new place pretty well. I just love the neighborhood and safety. *thumbs up*

Ah yes, also watched Wrath of the Titans today with Dan.

Yeah, I personally thought the trailer was pretty much better than the movie. Slight bit of a let down there. I’d rate it a 6/10 and I’m usually very generous with my ratings for movies. Lol

Glad to be feeling better after yesterday. Thanks to those who asked how I am. 🙂 Feeling myself K.O. already.

Ashley Mah


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