So Space

by Ashley M

Double Trouble at Cameron Highlands

Guess what? *points at title*

I just got home from Cameron Highlands with none other than my other half, or rather, my official twin, Sabrina. It was a much needed break from everything else, especially for myself. The cool weather, a slight bit of rain and fog, quietness and greenery just helped to ease the mind.

Things at home were too much to take.

Anyway, the drive there took almost 3 hours. Immediately checked into our hotel at Century Pines Resort, then we headed to Bala’s Holiday Chalet for their famous tea and scones! It was really rainy and wet, so we sat inside.

It was a very English tudor-style place, fire place and all. Super quiet, and empty so Sabrina and I had the place to ourselves and sat ourselves down to some tea and scones.

That’s a scone with jam, butter and cream. We like it sweet. 🙂

Some more cream with the scones!

How it looked like outside. Too bad it rained. 😦

After which, we chatted for a long time ( like chatting in the car for 3 hours wasn’t ) and returned to the hotel. Rested up and got ready for dinner.

Dinner at the hotel. It was so-so. Then, received some lovely news from Roxy Malaysia that I’ve been chosen to be in the TOP20 for Roxy’s ‘Let the Sea set you Free’ contest! So, we decided to celebrate it, along with Sabrina’s post birthday celebration since we had exams on her birthday week.

We stumbled upon the Traveller’s Bistro & Pub at Tanah Rata. Nice place. Small and simple, played, well, pub music. So we just sat there for a drink or two.

It’s amazing how almost everyone we met at Cameron Highlands thought we were sisters. Believed that we were twins, even! We just played along, anyway.

Ah yes, we also both toasted to “New Beginnings”. So new beginnings it shall be after this trip. After we’ve had enough fun, left back to the hotel to call it a night.

Next morning for breakfast at the hotel. The food at Century Pines Resort is so-so, I’d rate it a 6/10. I’m not really picky with my food, as long as not too many annoying veggies lying around. Heh.

Bye-bye, Century Pines Resort!

Camwhoring on the way to the strawberry farm.

My sexy kembar posing at Raaju’s Strawberry Farm.

Okay, so aside from taking useless photos, we DID buy strawberries and strawberry-filled chocolates home.

I’m quite addicted to eating the strawberries. Someone told me they’re the ‘trashiest’ fruit. Heh. Strawberries with whipped cream, anyone?

Do you see the resemblance between the 2 of us? Aside from the aviators, shorts and red top. 🙂 I love my kembar cos she’s supportive and always has my back, just like I have hers. She’s awesome like that! Plus, we always have the best of trips. Whether it’s a road trip, shopping trip, massage trip, or a gym session, it’s unforgettable.

Or rather, we always make sure that we are unforgettable, regardless of where we go. *wink*

Coming home today felt a bit different. I feel different. A good sort of different. Hopefully new beginnings start of well for this one.

Munching on more strawberries and watching The Big Bang Theory,

Ashley Mah


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