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by Ashley M

Being a ROXY Girl (Day 1)

Hello my loves!

So I’ve got terrific news exactly a week ago, whilst at Cameron Highlands with the Twin. I got chosen to be one of the TOP20 Finalists for ROXY MALAYSIA’s Let the Sea Set You Free competition!

I really didn’t expect to be chosen but I was beaming nonstop after I got the email. So our first day kicked off last Sunday, with the rest of the finalists. So we assembled at the Roxy outlet at Pavilion, KL in the morning. *yawn*

A pleasant surprise to see MHB’s Johanna Soh there as well, also a finalist!

Catherine, our organizer of the competition, who takes very good care of all of us. ❤

Being briefed and getting to know each other. I’ve made so many friends that day! All the girls were so friendly and nice, and not to forget, gorgeous as well. 😉

After taking a shot at Pavilion, we went to U Mobile, at Berjaya Times Square to have a little meet and greet. 🙂

ROXY + U Mobile = 🙂
After which, we all headed to Papa John’s for lunch, where I didn’t think everyone was stuffing their faces. HAHAHA! More talking, getting to know each others and mingling going on. Was really fun to know all the girls.
We later went to BB Plaza to get our hair and make up done! My favourite part! (being vain) We were all transformed into Roxy bombshells by the talented hands of makeup artists and hairstylists of Snips!
Pleasant surprise to see Dusty there as well, you may read his version of our day out here :
We were also taught how to catwalk on the runway and pose properly by some gurus. I would say, I’ve learnt quite a bit of new things as I am pretty new at this. Nonetheless, fun to prance around in my high heels. 
But man, my feet hurt like heck after. Then again, beauty doesn’t come without pain. You girls know what I mean by that. *wink*
The last part was to have our video shoot and photo shoot done at Zebra Square, Kampung Pandan. I was quite quiet the whole day, actually.. things swirling in my mind, a bit off beat, a bit distracted. But my energy sparked at the end of the day.
Fooling around with Johanna. Haha
Was having lots of fun making jokes with the girls, laughing and doing silly things. Just letting loose and being carefree was probably the way to go, I told myself. Then I thought of the slogan, “Let the Sea Set You Free”. To be free is what this is. This is my chance at not only having some time to enjoy myself doing new things, it’s also my chance to have new friends and enjoy others’ company. Which I really did, that day.
That’s not the end of my day! There’s still the night. Hee. After the bus dropped us all back at Pavilion, I just lighted up like a light bulb when I saw Dan and remembered that it was time for dinner! 
This is gonna be a teeny bit embarrassing, seeing that I’m a Malaysian and I used to stay in Kuala Lumpur… I’ve not been to Changkat Road before. Dan was so shocked when he saw my reaction ogling at the lights and bars as we drove pass Changkat before Salsa dancing on Friday. (yeah, yeah, I behaved like a tourist..snapping pics and all, even the tourists weren’t doing that!)
So he decided to take me for dinner at Werner’s at Changkat for dinner. Made my night, seriously.

I was quite attracted the the exterior of the building.

We sat down to a candle light dinner. This place is quite a nice place to take someone out for a date, seriously. With the candle lights and everything.

They have a bar there as well.

Okay, time to eat.

We had a small Margherita Pizza, which was REALLY good, especially for those of you who like thin crusts. Those leaves btw, are Basil Leaves. Price : RM22

 That’s only the first course. I let Dan decide on what to order, since he worked here before as a chef.

Werner’s Special Pasta, an olive oil-based pasta with the smoothest pieces of smoked duck with hand-cut chilli , garlic and bacon bits. Price : RM39

This was the most fantastic thing I’ve ever eaten in weeks!! It’s the Cannelloni, which is a kind of tube pasta, stuffed with meat and spinach, served together with cheese and tomato plum sauce. The cheese is not so overpowering, as I’m not a huge fan of cheese. The meat in this thing was just mouth watering. Price : RM36

So that was more than enough to stuff two very hungry people!! It was a little pricey, not something I’d eat everyday but I’d say that the quality of the food and portion is totally worth the price you pay for it. So, that’s another nice place to go on a date. *makes mental note*

Oh yeah, they also served us something called a Digestive Drink, which was quite interesting. A tinge of lemon, white wine and ‘something else’ the bartender says.

According to Dan, it helps your tummy feel better after stuffing your face. Has a bit of alcohol, but not much to make you high. So fear not! Or else, feel free to head to the bars nearby for more drinks. The whole stretch of Changkat is filled with bars!

This was the upper floor of Werner’s. They have a spacious bar there, to chill and have your drinks and dance. Sofas and couches for you to sit indoors and outdoors as well. And a pretty disco ball which caught my eye.

So yeah, that’s my super long Sunday!! Do stay tuned for more posts on my ROXY journey! 🙂 It’s gonna be one exciting ride!

ROXY Pictures courtesy of Dustyhawk.

Ashley Mah


2 comments on “Being a ROXY Girl (Day 1)

  1. Mabel Lai
    April 18, 2012

    dropped by here. Good luck in the competition!


  2. PinkWishes
    May 2, 2012

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