So Space

by Ashley M

Surf’s Up! (Day 2)

Hello! *waves* (with muscle aches and bruises)
It’s a Wednesday, which means only 2 more days to FRIDAY!
Anyway, yesterday, I had the loveliest, awesomest, craziest, fun time with the other Roxy girls at Sunway Lagoon!
We had a surfing session today! I was so excited I woke up at 7am that morning.

Here’s everyone in their Roxy bikinis and rash wear, being briefed by Catherine.

We were told to do some stretching before surfing so that we won’t injure ourselves. See the orange shorts on the far right? Yeah, that’s me. Haha

Woo hoo~ This was what we were gonna be playing with that morning! The FLOW RIDER!
Okay, I admit it. At first I was a little bit afraid… especially when they turned on the waves, plus, I’ve not surfed a day in my life before.

“Oh my gosh, we’re gonna be surfing that?”
“It’s kinda scary…”
“Who wants to go first?”
“Wow, look at that lifeguard surf…”
Me : *bites lip*
Eventually, I got excited and went for it!

Was being shown how to use the board.

I look like a hot mess. That’s only cos I was having so much fun!! Despite the water entering my eyes.
I had my hair stuck all over my face like a starfish and being beaten up by the waves! Now I know how it feels like to be in a washing machine!!
Nonetheless, exhilarating and crazy fun. I sucked at it at first, but I insisted to at least stay 40 seconds on the board before getting swept off my feet, literally. Heh
Some of the girls were pretty good at it! Some could even kneel on the board. Well, I’m just happy to stay on the board for more than 40 seconds.

If only I could surf like him. *points*
Surfing session was over by 12pm. I didn’t realize how fast time flew!

with Isabelle Tan.

with Catherine.

with Johanna.

with Sam.

with Kye Lin
All of us! Yeah,yeah I got lotsa people telling me how they just realized how short/petite/small-sized I am. Someone even called me bite-sized. Haha! Truth is, I am very comfortable with my height/size. 🙂 Believe it or not, I was once the tallest girl in my class back when I was in Std.2…..
Had the best Tuesday morning ever! Trying new things is so much fun and exciting. Since I got the hang of surfing the Flow Rider, I’d definitely go play with it again the next time I’m at Sunway Lagoon! 
Oh yeah, I’ll also be walking the runway for the ROXY’S FASHION SHOW! *excited* My first real catwalk!
It will be held at Centre Court, Mid Valley Megamall at 5.30pm, happening this SUNDAY (22nd April 2012)!

I do hope to see your beautiful faces there, showing your loving support! ❤
How else would you spend your Sunday, when you can watch all the Roxy finalists strut their stuff on the runway? *wink* 
So, do we have a date this Sunday evening?

Ashley Mah


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