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Roxy @ Mid Valley Fashion Week 2012 (Day 3)

Previously, in Ashley’s Universe..
Okay, so about a week ago, last Sunday to be precise, it was Mid Valley’s Fashion Week 2012, and ROXY was one of the shows, featuring their awesome finalists….. us!
 It was a really exciting day for all of the girls and myself, getting to walk on the runway, Roxy-fied, and in front of hundreds of people at Mid Valley Center Court!
Oh we had a full day ahead of us.
:: The Pre-show ::

In the morning, I had rushed my butt to church, and after that went to Sungei Wang to my trusted hairdresser to get the ends of my hair nicely touched up before the show. 
Tadaaaah ~
I literally ran to Snips Academy, at BB Plaza to get my makeup done, meeting the rest of the girls there. So excited to see them again! 
Think I was talking about tattoos. All of us waiting to get our makeup done.

Finalist Isabelle & I after our makeup done~

One last picture before leaving to Mid Valley! 
When we arrived, we were all astonished to see the beautiful stage and runway we were about to walk on! Not to mention quite freaked out to how grand and huge it was!
Headed to the Roxy outlet to get our outfits for the show.
We were all supposed to be sun children that day. But when I saw this top given to me, I was like, “Whoa, yellow. Me like!”  Can’t help but be energetic and happy wearing a colour like this!

Everyone, nice and ready, backstage.

:: Showtime ::

So the show was opened by emcee Liang, who brought the energy to the crowd!
Finally, it was my turn to face the faces of the Mid Valley crowd after my name was called. My heart was beating fast in my chest, but man, was I so SO happy when I was walking on the runway! I just couldn’t stop smiling when I heard my friends and fans scream my name and cheered me on once I stepped out. :’)

Yeah, that’s how tremendously happy I was when I was out there.

End product of my walk. *pose* *camera click*
After which, we all had a Q&A session with Liang!
The question I was asked was, “Where is the ONE place that you always dream of living at and why?”
So, readers, can you guess? *wink*
After which, all the finalists did a final walk and returned backstage.

Despite being nervous, the girls looked awesome and rocked the runway! At least that’s what we like to think. Haha! All of us sure had a fun time on the runway.

:: The Surprise ::

Something happened when I was backstage after doing my walk. A mysterious bouquet of flowers came for me, from an unknown sender. I was so pleasantly surprised and it only boosted my mood that evening. Six beautiful pink roses. Thank you, Mr Sender, you know who you are, your flowers gave me strength and made my smile bigger that evening! 🙂

:: The After-Show ::

Well, what can I say about this?
 Other than… PICTURE TIME!!
All the finalists!
Of course, I would never miss taking a picture with all my lovely friends and fans who came that day, shouting my name. You guys were so lovely!~ :’)

Kristal & Scott

with Kristal

Don, Wai Loon, Eliza & Chan Daniel

Former highschool mates Jason Lai & Ainul brought their friends to support. 🙂

Michael Yip, who came to show some love and take some of these lovely photos.

The 2 gals I can never do without! The super twin and the amazing sister. ❤

Scott, Kristal, May, Kim, Sabrina, Jason & Ainul

Lance Chee, who brought his beautiful family to support me!

Kristal and I playing with cutesy baby Megan, Lance’s little girl.

Baby Megan & mommy Janet looking adorable. 🙂

Fellow finalist, Johanna, also an MHB babe!

Catherine, the director of Roxy.

Me fooling around the runway after the show was over with my bouquet. heh.

Thank you so much to everyone who came and show support to me and the whole ROXY show! You guys made it a fun and energetic show. Special thanks to my friends, fans, sister and the mysterious sender of those flowers.

:: Epilogue ::

In case you’re wondering, the competition isn’t over yet!
 Actually, now it is the voting session for the finalists!
So, I would need you guys to help vote for me at
Yes, you can vote once everyday for the next two weeks!
 Voting session ends on the 8th of May.

Nothing makes me feel more at home than having fun in the sun. And every fun moment is even sweeter with my Roxy gear. ” 

Like my pictures and smile? All you have to do is click on the link and then the VOTE button and you know you’ve made my day! 🙂

Ashley Mah

Ps. Picture credits go to Dustyhawk, Michael Yip, Lance Chee & Roxy Malaysia.


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  1. Congratulations! You look amazing! 😀


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