So Space

by Ashley M

Ashley at the Military Airbase

This is your Commander Ashley reporting at the military airbase.
So I was at the old airplane museum at Sungai Besi the other day with Michael Yip, just doing a random shoot for fun. 🙂 Decided to do it Army-style.

Tank top
Army shirt
4 checks. *wink*

Yeah I was never an airplane kinda girl ( I prefer cars) but after shooting at this place I actually gained some knowledge about planes. Heh. Educational trip + pictures. Not bad.
So much has been happening! CIE A Levels A2 exams are around the corner and I’m just spending hours and hours with the books, hardly any time to breathe. One more month and my shackles are broken! 
Accounting. Econs. Psychology. Rinse and repeat.
I know most of the other A Levels kids may smirk that I’m not taking any science subjects but it feels like I’ve a whole load on my plate now. I’m going nuts just having this and other *issues*.
On another note, thank you so SO MUCH to those who voted for me for the Roxy Let the Sea Set You Free contest! I love you all, you know who you are. 🙂 I couldn’t have done it without you.
The voting session closed last Tuesday, on the 8th of May. Now we’re all waiting for the finalists to be announced on the 17th of May. Who made it and who didn’t. *fingers crossed*
Oh yes! Who went for the Russell Peter’s Notorious World Tour 2012? 
I went to watch him perform live at Stadium Malawati, Shah Alam, last Friday. Laughed till my cheeks hurt so bad! The stadium was quite packed with people, all tickets were sold out!!
It was an awesome show. Made my Friday night!
Looking forward to this Friday night.
Always ready for the weekend!
Ashley Mah

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  1. Michael Yip
    May 16, 2012



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