So Space

by Ashley M

Bits and pieces

2 more weeks before my first paper.

*le stress
So far, everyday has been studying and gymming for the past few weeks! I just can’t wait for everything to be over and I can live day-by-day in peace. Going a little lulu after reading for long hours and insomnia has been getting the best of me, recently.
Just entered one of my students for Piano Practical and Theory exam this year. Hope she takes it seriously and does well.
On another note, I attended the launch of the new Hennessy VSOP bottle last Friday night at the Double Tree Hotel, with a couple of MHB gals.

You can read all about it on my babe Samantha’s blog!
New bottle looks like this, ya’ll.

I’ve been doing some Latin dancing lately, and attended a Lifts, Dips & Tricks workshop last week! It’s been great fun and perhaps, should take it to another level. *winks* More about that later.
Although, I have a long scratch on the back of my thigh to prove my badass-ness doing stunts. Haha! Unfortunately, someone also dislocated an arm and another fell on the head
. Other than that, we all had enjoyed ourselves! Definitely learnt some new things to apply to routines there. I’m gonna miss dancing till my dumb exam ends.
This is my babe Rachel and myself during the Launch of Mr Asahi!

 We’re featured on the MSN Malaysia page! Check out more at featuring Malaysia’s Hottest Bloggers from time to time. 

As for the ROXY contest, they’ve already picked the winner.. and it ain’t me. Haha! But, congratulations to car racer Natasha Seatter who’s gonna represent Roxy Malaysia! Make us proud, babe! 🙂 It was a fun run.

Also watched What to Expect When You’re Expecting at MBO Cinema Subang Parade today with the twin. It’s been a long while since we watched movies together.

I would rate this movie a 6/10, because it has Cameron Diaz and Jennifer Lopez in it. Or else it’d be just a 5. All you see in this movie is kids, babies and pregnant women…. and daddies. So men, you’ve been WARNED. It’s a pretty interesting movie.
 Twin and I both concluded that we’d adopt if we could, next time. It helps save a child’s life. Plus, won’t really ruin those hips now, would it? Hehe

Looking forward to the weekend, as always!
Ashley Mah

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