So Space

by Ashley M


So I had 2 hours of sleep on Friday night over at the twin’s, 5 last night.
And I still was running like a finely tuned machine. So I thought I was. Tried to stay coffee-free too.
I feel like evaporating tonight. 4 more days to my first paper. Then it’s gonna be a crazy ass week and the ride ends exactly a week after. On a Friday. I can’t see anymore life until this ride of death starts. Ashley’s universe will undergo a full shut down for the whole week starting Thursday. I shall be lifeless till then.
Even the poor gym hasn’t sensed my existence recently anyway. Worse this coming week. At least I managed to do some intense workout, thanks to the twin, before my coming absence.
Other than that, let’s expect a smooth sailing week of exam papers, tears, sweat and prayers. Good luck to fellow candidates and beloved classmates. May the force be with all of us.

Hoyeah! Pictures of my Sportsgirl makeup palette. Just some of the things that make me smile.
Ps. Piranha 3DD is, as expected, a dumb movie. FD was better. 

Ashley Mah

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This entry was posted on June 3, 2012 by in makeup, Monologue, rants.
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