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by Ashley M

Monologue : Hennessy Artistry Penang


Just popping in for a short post on my crazy awesome weekend with Hennessy Malaysia.
Firstly, my exams are OVER!!! *jumps around*
Then, I flew to Penang Saturday morning with the media team.
It was havoc and a busy day for us as we had press conference with the artistes, spoiled and pampered with reeeeallly good food, followed by the party at night! It was really cool getting to meet new people and make new friends during the trip. Having a fun team makes the whole trip worthwhile.
Stayed one night at G Hotel and then got our KL butts back home Sunday afternoon. The weather was so warm these few days! I’m so thankful for my new Armani shades I got before the trip. Life saver on makeup-less days and protects my eyes from blazing sunshines.
Now, the post exam tiredness is kicking in plus a some neck ache that I got from sleeping oddly last night like a squid on a king sized bed. I can’t rest yet as tomorrow night is prom night.
An island party and stay for the weekend. Seriously, I wouldn’t choose any other way to celebrate after my exams. *whispers : “Thank you, Hennessy Malaysia” *
If you followed me on Twitter,!/AshleyEv3 , you could see updates and pics of my trip on Penang! Stay tuned for the proper post about Hennessy Artistry Penang.

 Ashley Mah

One comment on “Monologue : Hennessy Artistry Penang

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