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by Ashley M

Hennessy Artistry Penang :: Meet & Greet

After reaching Penang, we were taken straight to Straits Quay to have lunch. Straits Quay has always been one of my favorite places in Penang! And since I’m half a Penangite, I can’t help but feel so at home whenever I’m in Penang!
Oh, that’s Sam, myself & Esther on the plane!
Anyway, we ate this restaurant called Blue Reef Fish n Chips. Being a huge fan of fish and very hungry, I was quite impressed with the quality of the food served, and the portions!
I had the Grilled Cod, which was amazingly delicious. Never had cod before, so I thought this was an excellent choice for a first time! Was so soft and melted after putting it into my mouth. 
Samantha had the mouthwatering grilled Halibut, which was delicious too!
I’m *SO* coming back to this restaurant again whenever I visit Penang! The price is reasonable too!
After which, we headed on over to Straits Quay Convention Centre (SQCC) for the Meet & Greet Conference Session with the artistes.
From the left, that’s Suki Low, DJ Andy Moore, Lollipop F, DJ Ernest C and DJ Ramsey Westwood.
Lollipop F answering questions from us curious cats. 
Interesting fact ; they are called Lollipop “F” and the “F” is because there are four members in the group.
MHB ❤ Hennessy
We checked into G Hotel after the meet & greet. 
G Hotel had a very mod and chic style, which was quite modern compared to the other hotels I’ve been in, in Penang. 
I LOVE THEIR BEDS! The pillows were so soft. ❤

I liked how they provided all the necessities for guests in a quaint little box, it’s next to the glasses on the right of the basin.
It was only a matter of a few hours before the sun sets and we were on party mode! 
Stay tuned to read what went down at Hennessy Artistry Penang in the next post!
 Ashley Mah

Pictures are author’s own and credits to MHB


2 comments on “Hennessy Artistry Penang :: Meet & Greet

  1. HenRy LeE
    June 25, 2012

    ohhhh i miss the G Hotel's bed! :/


  2. Ashley Mah
    June 28, 2012

    Me too 😦


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