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by Ashley M

Monologue : Saturday Night

It’s a Saturday night! 
I’m finally recovered from the super long weekend I had last week at Penang with the photography crew for Johnnie Walker Black Circuit Lounge.
Ooh. An update. 
My stupid knees has caused me to rush to the hospital 2 weeks ago to get it checked out. Turns out, I am born with lax joints and wacky loose kneecaps. It was pretty bad two weeks ago and I’ve gotten braces to correct them and make me feel safe when I walk. 
Despite being called all sorts now, eg. Bionic Legs, Cyborg legs, Armored Legs, Forrest Gump (wtf!), I can’t go more than 6 hours without them now. Haha
It was rather bad 2 weeks ago, especially when the doctor told me I couldn’t dance for awhile, I bit my lip to stop myself from crying. But they’re slowly getting better now. 
Other than that, my Saturday night was initially supposed to be movie night with my buds and Kim, we were planning to watch Step Up Revolution, but places we wanted to go ran out of tickets or the inernet booking just wasn’t working! *coughcough* GSC cinema website..
So, I took Kim to the I Darts Gold soft launch at Setia Walk, Puchong tonight! 
A new outfit mixed with what’s mine and Kim’s. 
High waisted shorts, crop top, blazer and high ponytail. I love my blazer! I’ve been wearing it alot recently.
You can read the post below about I Darts Quad and what it’s all about.
 Tonight I managed to get 2 bulls eye’s at my first round!! Super happy. Talk about beginner’s luck~

Andy & I

AHM’s Leonard Chua & Kim
Leonard & I

Myself, Leonard & Bell
After having a rather slow Friday night, it was nice to be out and chillin’ with my lil sis. If it ever looked familiar, whatever she was wearing belonged to my wardrobe! My lil sis looked so grown up and pretty tonight. We got a bit crazy with the camera, indulging ourselves in taking ugly pictures just because there was the DELETE button. XD
Time really flies! This time last week, I was running around at the JW event looking for people and being part of the paparazzi with the crew, and my knees became numb at the end of the night. Eventually they gave way and I collapsed with a “thud” on the floor after the event. Someone was kind enough to pick me up. I quickly wore my braces for the rest of the night. *phew*

Shall definitely blog about my Penang adventure and other events that’s been going on!
Stay tuned! 
Ashley Mah

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