So Space

by Ashley M

Expiry Dates

 See a hot guy and then he smiles and winks at you?
What if he approaches you and talks to you?
Exchange numbers?
The next thing you know, he asked you out for a date you get to know each other better.
OK. So he’s really good looking. 
Someone who’s totally out of your league.  Looks like a ladies’ man for sure. But he asked you out, then you’re wondering what’s the agenda behind his brilliant smile and dazzling eyes. 
For a fling?
Or does he just sincerely finds you special? 
Or is he just trying to get ‘lucky’?
So what happens after the date? 
You might wonder, if this guy has a future to be part of your fabulous life. 
After knowing him more, time will tell.
 Friend? Foe (Asshole)? or Boyfriend?
Guys I’ve met had their time in parts of my life. I just don’t realize that they just come and go until way later. It’s like closing chapters of a huge book. And definitely part of growing up, learning a lot more about myself and other people.
Especially when you two have just met and at one point, text each other everyday. Then suddenly things die off and just vanish. And there you know that that dude’s expired!

It’s like picturing people around you with a sign that says “Best Before : dd/mm/yyyy” floating above their heads. 
Of course, where’s the fun in wondering when things are gonna end? All you can do is just to enjoy the ride, or get the f off it.. Although, it does come to mind in dating, that perhaps, you could wonder about their shelf lives?
 Or even some “Time Bombs”. This is when there is a certain date that the person has to leave to go elsewhere or the time where a relationship has to end.
This is why I sometimes wonder if each guy has an expiry date on them. I’m not being sexist here, for guys, it may very well be girls having expiry dates on them as well. Heck, even some friendships do have expiry dates.
 We just don’t know it yet.
Though we can’t help but wonder about the road not taken. Before you know it, you’ve just closed a chapter or “deleted” a person off life’s real Facebook and are moving on.
 Or sometimes, you expect someone’s chapter to end real quick but he stays on longer than you expected. Pleasant surprise?
Perhaps one with no labels, mind games, false love, expectations, champagne and scandal would give one less of a headache to think of expiration dates. Time to get a puppy. 
Ashley Mah

2 comments on “Expiry Dates

  1. choulyin.tan
    August 14, 2012

    But…….puppies have expiry dates :p but I do get what you mean…I've had lots of those expiry dates happen to me :/


  2. Vinesh Tee Chee Siong
    August 14, 2012

    I agree on what u said about the expiry dates… although girls feel that this kind of cases more likely to happen to them compared to guys, there are guys also whom faced this kind of expiry date girls… just that, many dont mentioned these kind of things out… well, sadly but true, if this things dont happen, we will never learn to be more careful and appreciate the things around us. 🙂


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