So Space

by Ashley M

Carpark scare at Puchong. Ladies, beware.

Few Sundays back, I had my usual accompaniment classes at my teacher’s place in Puchong. But one day I came back home in tears, in distress and shock.

I was just so glad that I was back home in one piece and not a scratch. 
The shop lots where I took my music lessons had no space to park my car. And being almost late for my class, I had called up my accompanist to ask him if I might get clamped or summoned for parking at an illegal spot just for a short while, on a Sunday. He told me to be on the safe side, to park in the multistory carpark located nearby. 
Worst decision ever. Though I was desperate not to upset my accompanist and teacher for being late, I just went to the carpark, and parked my car there. I realized that it was pretty dodgy and empty, there were only 2 or 3 cars next to mine of the entire carpark, I think. I had no time to waste, so I went into the lift (which was quite slow, dark, and creepy) and went downstairs to walk over to the music school.. which I realized involved walking through the carpark itself which was just damn dodgy. There was a homeless guy sleeping at the side even.
After running to the school, I had my class and prepared to make a run back, just in case. When I was walking back to the carpark, I noticed the homeless man still sleeping. Which I had been thankful for, dashed into the lift and went upstairs. After coming out from the lift, I saw my car, pulled out my keys and walked towards it. That was when I heard two indian guys a level below me talking loudly and I think they saw me, and tried to walk n approach me. Dug my hands in my bag to pull out my pepper spray only to realize it broke. I quickly dashed to my car and locked the doors and drove down.
When I drove down, I saw them parked in front of the autopay ticket machine and standing outside their car, talking or rather, disturbing the security guard, who was not really able to help himself. And they were quite big sized. My heart sank when I realized I had to come out of the car to pay for the parking ticket at the stupid machine. My heart stopped when I noticed the Indian guys looking at me. I feel so stupid as I type this, because I only remembered breathing through my mouth and freezing in fright in my car.
I refused to get out of my car and had waited for them to leave before leaving myself. After like, 20-30 minutes they left anyway. Then I quickly made my way, paid for the ticket, jumped back in the car and drove off. I got even more scared when I saw their car from my rear view mirror following me after I’ve left the carpark. I drove and drove, got lost myself, and lost them eventually. Had a GPS, then drove past ss14 police station. Then home.
Stopped by my park and tried to calm down. I was in such shock.. cried for an hour. Was on the phone with my girlfriend and Kitt, who calmed me down. I still cant believe I froze in fear. That is what makes a target even easier. But I really thank God for being untouched and getting back safely.
All my thoughts were whirring. Why on earth did my pepperspray break at the time of need?! I posted about this incident on Facebook. It was good to know that people offered to be there at anytime I needed them.
Someone told me that I might’ve just trapped myself once I entered the car as they could have smashed my windows.
Someone told me I could’ve been killed/robbed/raped, I don’t even wanna know.
And someone said they wouldn’t even dare come down n pay for the ticket. Then how would I get out of the carpark?
Someone also said I should have just driven to the top floor of the carpark and called the police.
I was so scared to even touch my phone in case they saw me dialing. Argh. Silly things you do when you’re in fright. Time to get a new pepperspray and probably a whistle.
Ladies, be very careful and aware of your surroundings. Crimes nowadays happen too often. 
I try not to travel alone unless having no choice, like a few days ago I had gone to Sg Wang with my mom to get my hair redyed with her, and had to find my own way back home via trains n buses, but I chose to follow her to her music studio at Cheras and stayed there practicing my violin until 9pm. 
At least I didn’t have to worry about safety. And after the carpark incident, there was absolutely NO WAY i’m parking there ever again.
I gotta be having some guardian angel somewhere out there watching over me, because I felt like I dodged a bullet. Too close, and not for the first time.

Ashley Mah

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This entry was posted on October 13, 2012 by in carpark, crime, music class, puchong, safety, scare.
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