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by Ashley M

Malaysia’s Own Oktoberfest @ One Utama

Malaysia had celebrated its own Oktoberfest at One Utama! It was held at the outdoors carpark at the new wing. 
Two things : Super hot… and super FUN.
It was awesome to see the MHB babes again! 
Wilee, myself, Jessy, Chelsea and Magdeline with our gigantic mugs of beer. Much beer to go around indeed. There were Carlsberg, Erdinger Weissbier, Franziskaner Weissbier, and Lowenbrau beers.
 Oktoberfest is a 16-day festival celebrating beer held annually in Munich, Bavaria, Germany running from late September to the first weekend in October, also one of the most famous events in Germany and is the world’s largest fair.

Let me show you how Malaysia does it! I was super excited, despite having a long week, it is my first time attending a big Oktoberfest celebration. So this was my chance to experience it all!

The event started off with some good music and performances by the authentic Umpapa band from Germany that definitely hyped up the crowd. On top of that, there were some really fun games that took place too!
It was a rather warm Saturday night, the girls and I were all fanning ourselves with the hats and whatever it is that we had in our handbags, and also complaining checking if our makeup has melted in our sweat, seriously. The bunch of vainpots we are. Haha
Can you guess what the girls are doing?
It’s the Chicken Dance! An Oktoberfest would *so* not be complete without doing the chicken dance. The dance looks awfully funny … but hard to resist! Ey, everyone’s doing it!
Me and Chelsea got hooked! Haha
It was so much fun… bet everyone had fun chicken dancing, especially Tim. *ahem* Heh.
The Umpapa band. I was very impressed with them! Not only did they play German songs, they played some famous hits and the crowd went CUHHHRAYYZAYY when they played………..
Oppa Gangnam Style!
I know. It’s insane. Everyone was extra hyped when hearing that song! That aside, I thought the musicians of the band were very talented. The guitarist sure had some mean shredding skills and the drummer who could scream/sing so well while playing. Super trumpet and saxophone solos. They were all amazing indeed. *thumbs up*
Heh. This pictuurrre.
 Caught smitten like a schoolgirl on camera when the lead singer called me out from crowd. Blushblush.
The party continues with more good music. Chelsea, Kelly and I sure had a ball dancing, and dancing, and dancing!
I just realized that the second dude in red on the left side of the pic is checking Chelsea out. 😛
What do you do when you’re drenched in sweat and makeup?
“Keep calm and camwhore.”
Everyone and their huge ass mugs-that-can-be-used-to-knock-someone-out-with-one-hit! Talk about severe damage and low HP. Lol cheers to that!
MHB babes with Andy & Tim. 
By seeing our happy faces, you can definitely tell that we had a good time celebrating Oktoberfest, Malaysia style!
At the end of the night, realized that Tim & I both wore plaid. Lol
Had an awesome Saturday night! I got to keep the hat and the giant mug (in case anyone attacks me in my room). 
Was the best Oktoberfest celebration I’ve experienced so far!
Ashley Mah

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