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by Ashley M

Halloween – The Beginning Finale Party

It was a cold, gloomy and wet Friday evening at Carcosa Seri Negara, KL.
 Just when the sun went down, it was the perfect time for all the supernatural beings, ghosts and ghouls to come out to play.
Well, at least for this genie~
 I was Jeannie the genie for that night, carrying my bottle with me (supposedly) to grant wishes as I go!
It was Halloween – The Beginning Finale Party by Jagermeister & Carlsberg Malaysia. It was probably my first ever huge garden party.. at night. 
A huge white tent decked with bloodstained cloths, little pumpkin lanterns, gravestones, barrels, wilted trees and an epic stage, the Halloween spirit was present. 
Of course, there was free flow of Carlsberg beer and Jagermeister, which made the ghouls all the merrier that night. 
There was also free flow of popcorn, even a cotton candy machine, which got me excited for awhile! Popcorn and Carlsberg. Weird combo but yet pretty good.
Part of the night’s entertainment was the band Mad Sally, who rocked the house with hits like Thriller from Michael Jackson, Bad Romance from Lady Gaga and more. You might’ve seen them in my Asahi Launch post at Library, SS15.
Here’s the link to my post :
Capt. Andy, in his sailor uniform. It is a real uniform, FYI. I thought it was quite ‘yeng’! All he’s missing is the hat! Hehe
Me & Van Helsing aka. Tim Chew, with his double barrel shotgun
While I was just chilling and talking, I actually got a shock when the warlock’s robe touched my back and I turned around to see a tall scary person in a huge black robe! with long hair!
The warlock and a witch.They were part of the “magic” family, which was where genies fall under too. They also turned out to be really nice and took a pic with me and Tim! 
More scary beings!! I like it that most of these people are in character that night… but the whole grazing their fingers on my back and going all up in my face in their scary masks was not very fun especially when I’m caught off guard. 😥
Soren from Carlsberg, who was Count Dracula

One of the most memorable characters of the night, Hard Gay. The moment I heard someone whoop really loudly, I turned around to see this scenario. Was hilarious!
Rachel made the perfect creepy doll, with the teddy bear and all. She was adorable!
Halfway through the night after being clean and picture ready, I decided to get slashed and gashed by the skillful hands of a makeup artist!

Rachel got gashed as well, on her face, and in this pic, totally photobombed by this guy.
Probably one of the most creative costumes I’ve seen that night!!
The “infected”. If only I had my chainsaw.. Hehehe
Idk what this was supposed to be, Jack O’Lantern overpowered by Jagermeister?
MHB girls with Van Helsing and Count Dracula
Got to mess around with Tim’s huge fake leather trenchcoat. It is proven that the coat does reach the floor when I put it on.. even in heels. *facepalm*
This is your confused little genie.
If you wanna see more pictures of this event, head on over to the album itself!

For more info on Carlsberg events and updates, visit Carlsberg Malaysia’s Facebook Page!
 *disappears in a puff of yellow smoke*
Ashley Mah

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