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by Ashley M

How was 2012 for you?

Today marks the last day of 2012!
 I’ve a couple of friends who told me that 2012 was a bad year for them, full of unpleasant memories and regrets. Hence, they’re looking forward to the new year, with hopes and some secret wishes. 😉
Looking back, all I can say is that time just flew so quickly! I’ve had my fair share of tears, sighs and unfortunate events.
 However, I have no regrets this whole year, because if it wasn’t for whatever it is that happened, I wouldn’t have met so many awesome people this year whom some of them became really close and dear to me.
 I also was blessed with the opportunity to go further in modelling and my violin playing, till I got the chance to be on national TV and radio.
 I treasure all the wonderful memories I’ve made this year too. Most importantly, I have broken some chains and I have been so much closer to my family this year.

That’s me and my buddy Luke on NYE last year! It was a foam party we attended at Republic Bar at Sunway. 
Here’s my post on my 2011’s NYE
I can only thank God for everything that’s happened this year. Thought me many lessons in life. As for those of you who don’t know what to expect next year, you’re not alone. I myself have no idea what’s gonna happen next year. I just learn to live in the moment and take things as they come. Both good and bad. 
As for the horrible things that happened, I believe there’s a silver lining, somewhere.
For every heartbreak, 
bad date, 
unfortunate incident, 
awful haircut, 
bad purchase, 
I always learn something new. Haha!
For some of us who has lost hope, think of all the wonderful possibilities and opportunities that may come your way next year.<3

 Ps. I’ve chopped off most of my red hair….that style was *so* 2011. Hehe
Happy welcoming the new year, everyone! 
Party hard and RESPONSIBLY!
Ashley Mah

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