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by Ashley M

The Singapore Diaries : Universal Studios

Day 3
Like almost every tourist who visit Singapore, I’ve visited Universal Studios Singapore (USS) for the first time! I really didn’t know what to expect at USS except rides and all. Then again, the amusement parks I’ve visited were only the ones at Genting Highlands and Sunway Lagoon.
Went with mom & Kim, despite being super tired from the day before, we forgot all about being tired when we saw all the exciting things before us at USS.

Me & my lil sis.

It was as good as they say. 
The decor and atmosphere were really cool and I was pretty overwhelmed when I got into USS.
 Like, where do I start?
One of the attractions. This one is a MUST-GO. You’d feel as if you are in a movie set, filming a hurricane hitting NYC, effects and everything. Gotta experience this to believe it!

Then there was the land of Far, Far Away from the movie Shrek. 
Everything was like in the movies!
 Puss in Boots!
 Just as adorable in real life. He took my hand and kissed it. Hehe. 

After which we were taken to Egypt, where the main attraction was the ride called The Revenge of the Mummy. 
So… Mummies! Like. in. the. frikkin. movie! 
Bloody awesome ride! 
It was a roller coaster, that rides indoors, and…. in the dark. 😉 So you wouldn’t be able to see the drops and stuff, just feel it when it happens.  Kim was terrified but made it throughout. I must say, this was the ride I enjoyed most. The way the ride had started got me suuuper excited. It was as if the wall was gonna close on us, then the coaster just zipped past it. I’d ride it again and again!

Would really like to experience this in Egypt.. for real. One day. 🙂

Seeing all these gigantic statues makes me wanna really visit Egypt to satisfy my curiosity of mummies and tombs.

The Anubis-dude who was there for pics. Never smiled but hissed at people. Don’t blame him though, standing under the blazing sun on stilts with a face full of makeup… even I would hiss at people. Haha! Though I guess he was just being in character.

Battlestar Galactica! Something I didn’t get to ride because it was gonna rain. 😦 

Fan of the movie Madagascar? 🙂

Quite enjoyed the boat ride that takes you through a summary of the whole movie while experiencing it. All the statues and stuff were so adorable and cutesy! Also, expect to hear the “Move It” song!

Kim’s pretty color coordinated with Big Bird.. now if only I was in blue and mom in green. XD
We had a blast!

Oh yeah, forgot to add that I had ridden on the Transformers 3D ride which was awesome as well.

I was told that it wasn’t a roller coaster so I had convinced and begged my mom to come along…… funny how we were still spun around, tossed and turned during the ride! (It was fun, I promise!)

 That pretty much sums up my visit at Universal Studios. Had ridden a couple of rides but obviously no pics of those. Mom refused to sit on roller coasters so she just waited. Good thing the lines weren’t long that day.
We really enjoyed USS!
And our feet hurt like hell when we got back to the apartment. Haha
Ashley Mah

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