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by Ashley M

My Holly Jolly Christmas (2012)

Have you guys had a good Christmas?
Well, it still is the Christmas season… technically because there are 12 days of Christmas. I think I’ve had one of the best Christmases so far, last year. It was a no-stress, relaxing and fun Christmas, probably the most time I’ve spent with my family instead of running off elsewhere to do other things. 
Holiday season is the time to spend with family, in my opinion. The past few years, I didn’t know how to appreciate and really enjoy family time without having something or someone else in my mind. This year was just perfect! Mom and dad were on holiday, so was Kim and all of us had a nice time this Christmas.
My family would go for Christmas Eve mass the night before, have a grand supper after that, and wishing each other at midnight. It’s a thing we do every year. 
The next day, we’d have Christmas lunch, of course. Dad took us to this place called the Bavarian Bierhaus at Wisma UOA, in town. German food instead of the usual Western lunch.. Family gets to have a truckload of pork and no cooking for lunch which means giving the kitchen and mom a rest. Win-win situation. Just kidding about the truckload part.

It was a quiet place in Wisma UOA, though I was expecting to see the place packed. Traffic in town was pretty smooth in the afternoon too. Probably everyone went out of town. *thumbs up*
I was told that this place had really good pork knuckles. Plus, I thought I did a little review on this place too. 🙂

Cafe Latte, RM9

Pork Tortilla Chips, RM 16

Bavarian Platter, RM75

Authentic Mixed German Sausages, RM80, perfect for sharing, because the servings here are HUGE. 

Crispy Knuckle, RM68
 All that yummy food! People must’ve thought we were a crazy family because of all the huge portions of food on our table. Haha we ended up taking away half the food anyway, because we ate till we were stuffed. When Kim and dad admit defeat, it really means that we’ve had A LOT of food. Saved the rest for dinner. Hehe

I thought the restaurant was rather quaint and had pretty good food, and you do get what you pay for – it is worth the money. It’s waaay better than Brussels.
OOTD – Mostly everything was bought in SG, except my Valentino handbag. 🙂 Still very much in love… with my C&K boots!
At night, it was all laughter and good food with some very special people who came over to make Christmas all the merrier.
Christmas is my most favorite festive day! Followed by Chinese New Year and Valentine’s Day (which isn’t really a holiday..hehe). Birthdays don’t count. 
So what’s your favorite festive day/ holiday/celebration?
Ashley Mah

2 comments on “My Holly Jolly Christmas (2012)

  1. HenRy LeE
    January 2, 2013

    i think the pork knuckle is more worth the money compared to the rest….


  2. Ashley Mah
    January 3, 2013

    Yeah, it tasted really good too. 😀 Not a big eater, so in my opinion, EVERYTHING should be shared.


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