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by Ashley M

The Singapore Diaries : Last day

Day 4
Okay, this pretty much wraps up my previous Sg trip. Basically, we shopped in the day (at random places) and then, at night we spent time with my cousins and their kids.
We went to United Square Shopping Mall for dinner. I was told that United Square is a children’s mall, mainly because there were play centres, daycares, and music classes located there. Other than toy shops, kids’ clothing shops and etc.

Had dinner at a Chinese place. Perfect for a Chinese food junkie like me. 
Let me tempt you with some foodporn. Hehe
Claypot Tofu

Sweet & sour pork

Steamed Hainanese Chicken with Ginger sauce. 
All children-friendly food. So, no one was complaining. Even big kids like Kim and myself. 😛
Who’s got the prettiest nieces in the world? 
So after dinner, we headed over to Marina Bay Sands to walk around. Wanted to go for the River Cruise but didn’t have time to, so we made a pass on that for this trip.

 Oh yeah. Did you know I am (still am) CRAZY about this musical? The moment I found that the theatre at MBS were having the Jersey Boys I went nuts. Their songs are so addictive! 
Not your usual clubbing, loud bass, kinda music. Call me weird, but I really enjoy Falsetto’s like Frankie Valli’s…. and oldies…like songs from the 60’s. Yeah.. no one really understands my love for the Jersey Boys, except Kim, who hears me play their songs over and over again.
Here’s a video of them. Simply wow. Who sings like that anymore?
Idk if you’d wow at that but I can’t get enough of them. 
They’re too adorable!

Moving on, we walked around MBS to have a nice view of SG, didn’t go to Ku De Ta this time, but we enjoyed seeing the lights.
 Candid picture of me and my Blue Jellybean nephew.

Mum, yours truly & Kim

❤ Probably one of the coolest cousins in the world and my lovely niece. 🙂

The next morning, we took the bus back to KL. 
Ashley got her WiFi, started whatsapping people and lived happily ever after….. just kidding! Was actually quite happy to be away from my phone. Other than snapping pictures and camwhoring when I’m bored.
It was good to be back in KL! I missed some people although I was in SG for only 5 days. However, I think I’ve really enjoyed my stay in SG. It was nothing but lovely and I kinda promised myself to make another quick trip back there again.. and swore that by hook or crook, I am gonna watch the Jersey Boys the next time I’m there again (which I did… just last week! *melts happily*)
Till the next post about my next trip to Singapore,
 Ashley Mah

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