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by Ashley M

GAB Chinese New Year 2013 Launch

That time of the year is almost here!
 And by that, I mean the celebration of Chinese New Year!

 Other than looking forward to Ang Paos, food and gambling, I’m happy to inform loyal consumers and fans to look forward to Guinness Anchor Berhad (GAB)’s ‘Celebration of Good Fortune, Prosperity and Longevity’ campaign which promises great promotion, exciting activities and awesome events to usher in the Year of the Snake.

GAB has put together a CNY offering that will reward loyal drinkers with the three Chinese star deities of Fu, Lou and Shu whenever they pick GAB’s own three stars of unforgettable brews, Guiness, Tiger and Anchor, as a nationwide promotion throughout the festive season.
GAB also gives consumers something to look forward to when they open the bottle as they stand to win prizes! Here are the prizes according to the colour code of cap liners! So do check your cap liners of any big bottle of Guinness, Tiger and Anchor beer!

Colour Code of Cap Liners 
Red Cap Liners 
Consumers win a solid gold Fu Lu Shou set worth RM 10,000 
Total: 9 prizes 
Blue Cap Liners 
Consumers win a gold-plated Fu Lu Shou set worth RM 1,000 
Total: 999 prizes  
Black Cap Liners 
Collect 18 liners to win a Fu Lu Shou set 

Other than that, GAB will also be organizing a series of charity dinners to raise funds for worthy causes such as for the refurbishment of the Chan She Shu Yuen Clan Association (陈氏书院) Hall as well as six other Chinese communities and villages across the country. 

These fundraising events will feature a Chinese dinner with Yee Sang (my favorite) and GAB’s iconic beers, great live entertainment and an all-round memorable time for all attendees, as well as a charity bazaar that also contributes funds towards the worthy cause of the dinners. 

Kelly, Jane & I

We had fun giggling and camwhoring the entire night during the launch.  
The GAB CNY launch kicked off with a Lion Dance, which was super loud and awesome (I always get excited watching Lion Dances), some speeches and then we were treated to reeeeeeeally good food, and not forgetting, brews, of course!

Anna and myself

Kelly, Jane, myself and Anna

Remember how I said I chopped off most of my red locks?  
Anyway, I’m bringing back bangs to 2013! Still getting used to my new look though. This, by far, would be the best looking bangs I’ve had my entire life. The rest were all weird and half-assed, if you checked out my old pics on Facebook. HAHA

More info, head on over to at

So, raise your glasses and cheer YUM SENG with GAB this Year of the Snake!

Photo credits to Dusty, Simonseow, MHB and GAB

 Ashley Mah

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