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by Ashley M

Carlsberg’s Where’s the Party? (2012)

Of all the parties I’ve attended in 2012, I have to say, this one would be the most memorable and epic party of the year! It was really exciting, because guests would not know Where The Party is. Hence the name! 
I was Chelsea’s plus one. We all assembled at the Carlsberg brewery in the morning, then took off in respective buses which took us to the ‘secret location’. Turned out, the destination was Batu Feringghi, Penang! From that moment on, I knew it was gonna be a crazy party…

We were given a very special VIP room at Hardrock Hotel, Penang, where the party actually took place! Chelsea and I gasped in awe when we opened the room door. Everything was so perfect!

On our beds, we were given a goodie bag each. 🙂 How cute.

We went absolutely berserk when we saw this….. our room had direct access to the POOL!

We were shrieking and giggling in excitement like maniacs. Goes to show how much we loved the room! Special thanks to Soren Ravn who gave us the lovely VIP treatment. 🙂

 I could hear music from a distance, where the beach was…. and saw people walking around. So Chelsea and I made a quick trip to the party area for a look-see (for eye candy.. hehe) before the Press Conference.

Guests were chilling, drinking and playing games before the sun set. I guess everyone was in the holiday/party mood. At least, my roomie and I were!

This was supposed to be a decent photo. Chels captured me in the moment, literally. Lol

There were electronic darts for us to play! Thanks to iDarts Malaysia. Fun!

When there’s iDarts, there’s Leonard Chua! 🙂

Girls ready to party!

Got to snag a photo with Patricia K and Joey G! 🙂
Soon, it got close to 6.30pm. We headed back to our rooms, changed and got ready for the press conference. 

“Would you like a Carlsberg, miss?”

Q&A session with Soren Ravn, and other Carlsberg MD’s from Singapore and Hong Kong who flew to Penang for the party!

After the lineup of acts and performers were introduced, I got super starry eyed when I saw KELIS, who sang the memorable Milkshake song!
Above : The MV for the Milkshake song, in case you guys didn’t know what I was talking about.
 …andddd homaigodd I GOT A PICTURE WITH HER!! She was super tall! So she had to stand one step lower on the staircase from me in our photo. Haha

The lineup of artists who will be making the party epic that night! And of course, the Carlsberg people from Malaysia, Singapore and Hong Kong!
All my big sisters from MHB with York Spencer, Andy Kho and Tim Chew!

Press conference was over.
 By that time, I was itching to run to the beach to party already!
All the lights, the booming music and chilled Carlsberg to go around! 🙂

Party people everywhere! 
Here’s Linora from Red FM.

Chammaine Tan

Clevermunkey & Choulyin Tan 🙂

Shawn Lee, Malaysia’s talented beatboxer, who’s also my high school senior. Hee

MHB Casey

Our facilitator in the bus!

Ah Bok and I

Ash & Ash

Soren Ravn, who’s responsible for Chelsea’s and my awesome room! 
Thank you again Soren! x

Louise and I

Maggy Wang and I
The Jessicat! I love her pink sunglasses!
The performances had started and I think this one, by a Japanese girl band, caught all the guys’ attention. They danced really well though!
More pics!
Judging my the pictures, you can tell that it was a WICKED party! Heh heh. I remembered and savoured every moment of it.
Kelis sang Milkshake and Bounce. Dayumm. It was mind blowing! 
My lovely roomie. Probably the coolest I’ve ever had. If you came into our room, your mouth would be gaping open because it looked like as if it was Spring Break in our room. Clothes, makeup, shoes everywhere!
After the party ended, Chelsea and I had some girl talk in our comfy beds. But before that, I did play in the pool for a bit. Hehe

I know I looked silly in these frames. In fact, I usually make fun of people wearing lens-less frames. But that day, it was somewhat fun to wear it. Haha. 
Doesn’t make sense. Nevermind. Moving on.
The view of the party directly from my room.
The next morning was slightly excruciating for Chels and I. Woke up like a pair of zombies. But we had partied so hard the night before, we made a beeline for breakfast at the hotel.

Sunglasses on = no makeup. Hee. She still looks gorgeous without makeup! 
Waffles, my 2nd favorite bfast food, next to pancakes! 🙂
 I expected the beach to look like a mess the next morning, which it did. Huge evidence of a massive party the night before. Haha! The poolside was very pretty. If only we could stay longer to have a dip..

That’s the end of my suuuuper long post of pictures and stuff. I truly enjoyed Carlsberg’s WTP and am thankful to have such a lovely experience with friends, meeting new people and enjoying such awesome music! I had a terrific time! 
For more information on the next WTP, go on over to Carlsberg Malaysia’s FB Page : 

Photo credits to Carlsberg MY, Andy Kho, MHB Facebook Page, author’s own.

Ashley Mah

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