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by Ashley M

Movie Review : Hansel & Gretel : Witch Hunters

Read the fairytale of Hansel & Gretel by the Brothers Grimm? 
What do you think happened to the brave siblings after the whole candyhouse incident?
Here’s a movie that retells the tale of these two siblings, with an action packed twist (..and by that, I mean multiple barrel guns, double crossbows and other kickass weapons!)
 5 years after siblings Hansel and Gretel hatched their escape from a child-snatching witch who changed their lives forever . . . and gave them a taste for blood. Now they have come of age as fierce, formidably skilled bounty hunters 100% dedicated to tracking and terminating witches in every dark forest — hell-bent on retribution. But as the notorious Blood Moon approaches and a familiar wooded town faces a nightmare for its innocent children, Hansel & Gretel encounter an evil beyond any witch they’ve ever hunted – an evil that could hold the secret to their frightening past.
Starring Jeremy Renner (you might remember him as Hawkeye in The Avengers Movie), as Hansel and hotstuff Gemma Arterton as Gretel.
I thought it was a fun movie!
 Perfect for after a long day of work and all you wanna do is just put your brain in your pocket, kick back, relax and enjoy some gore, slight comedy and action. There were funny bits here and there, also the usage of some foul language, which cracked me up because it was so unexpected. 
 Also,the gore was awesome! The weapons used to slay witches weren’t lousy puny medieval weapons, which earned some brownie points in my book.
 I also really liked the cast of the movie. Great choice of actors & actresses. Especially the main villain. Here’s a hint : She’s from the movie X-MEN & Taken.
However, I found the storyline so-so but I didn’t expect much from it, really, as it was supposed to be a fun, entertaining movie.
“Do not take the candy!” -Hansel
Ashley Mah

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