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by Ashley M

[ADV] Mixx Club’s First Anniversary Party @ Melaka

17 Jan – It was a Thursday evening, so Tim and I drove down to Melaka to attend Mixx Club’s 1st Anniversary Party! I hardly ever go down to Melaka, the greedy side of me was hoping to eat some Melaka food like Chicken Rice Balls, Satay Celup and so on. Hehe. 
However, we quickly checked into Hattan Hotel, where Kate and I shared a room. We both freshened up and then it was time for the party.
First thing that came to my mind was, “So how do people in Melaka party?”
My question was answered when the club was already filling up by the time it was 8.30pm. They party right up till 2am btw! Kudos, Malaccans!

Mixx Club is located on the 1st floor Mahkota Parade, which is nearby Hattan Square and just walking distance from the hotel I stayed. Pretty neat. Need not worry about drunk driving that night then!

There were sexy dancers in neon attire, stealing everyone’s attention.

The club was equipped with very cool and advanced neon lighting, which puts many clubs in KL to shame. Oh yeah, did you know that Mixx Club is known for its live video mixing?
The sound in the club was just floor-shaking, wall-vibratingly loud.
The stage was in the front of the club, and the dance floor located strategically in front of the stage. Even the necklace I had on my neck was vibrating the nearer I stood to the speakers. 

Mixx Club is made up of 2 rooms;
Open on Wednesday, Friday, Saturday (10pm) & Public Holiday Eve. 8pm till late
Open on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.
8.00pm till late

MC of the night was Julie Woon.
She’s really pretty and friendly.

Tim & I

Johnnie Walker Malaysia’s Charles James Wright was there too!

In the midst of the party, we were made to clear the dance floor for these talented aerial dancers who performed for us! I could never imagine having such strong legs and arms!! *salute*

I bumped into some old KL friends at the club itself! What a coincidence! I was pretty happy to see some KL people there. Tim bumped into many of his friends too. 

The music started off as Mambo Jambo music, which means, stuff from the 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s. It was as if we were in a time machine of some sort, also played together with the music video.

 I had to admit, I knew some songs but I totally don’t get songs from the 80s. No offence, 80s babies, but I really really dislike the synth drums. Bleh! I preferred stuff from the 60s, like old school rock & roll music!

It is pretty open format, when it comes to music in this club, which is pretty cool because we get a little bit of everything, from House music to Top 40’s to retro music.

There are theme nights at Mixx Club :

Tuesday night – ‘Got Swag’

Wednesday night – Ladies Night, ‘Candy Shop’ with DJ AIMS, DJ deF and MC Sean Beazzie
Thursday Night – Mens Night, ‘Naughty Nighty Night’ with DJ U-NIC and DJ BLUR
Friday Night – ‘Weekend Starter’ with DJ U-NIC
Saturday Night
DJ AIMS in Paradox
DJ deF and MC Mad Rozz in Arris

Kate & my attempt to go swimming the following morning at 8am, but failed utterly because the water was freezing cold! We decided to do breakfast with Tim at the hotel instead.

Now I know where to go to party when in Melaka!

Mixx Club Malacca 

LotS19, Second Floor, Mahkota Parade

No.1, Jln Merdeka,

75000 Melaka,
 For reservations call 016-6235577 or 016-6215577

Facebook Page : 

Pictures courtesy of Tim Chew, Kate Lee, Mixx Club and author‘s own.
Ashley Mah


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