So Space

by Ashley M

Birthday shoutout – The Dance Partner

Happy Birthday, Daniel! ❤ 
You’ll always be loved no matter what.
 Thanks for being there all the time, whenever I need you most.
Birthday boy got punked by the dance group (me included). After a simple dinner at a mamak, they did a break-in prank on Daniel, him and I victims in Charm’s (empty) place, while searching for something that ‘I’ve left at her place’.
Tripping the electricity, making loud and rustling noises and the piercing sound of broken glass, you get the gist of it. Somewhat successful, I think the way I acted made him panic more, my feigned terror. Lol. One thing really amazed me. Daniel did not even flinch for a bit, despite being scared. Proceeded to calm me down and protect/hide me. He never flinches! Probably the calmest and coolest guy I’ve ever known… and the total opposite of me. Maybe that’s why we make it as partners. Haha
Anyway, may you have more and more exciting birthdays ahead of you, love!
Ashley Mah

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This entry was posted on January 30, 2013 by in Birthdays.
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