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by Ashley M

Monologue : First things first

I’ve never been this exhausted since the Malaysian Latin Dance Championships 2012. I’ve just finished rushing my paperwork and applications for my tertiary studies in New Zealand, next month. 

In the process, I got a little too stressed out and had passed out from gastric pains yesterday night during a Chinese New Year dinner with the MHB bloggers at The Royal Flush (look out for my post on that event!). Thanks to those who asked how I am and who helped take care of me that night! 
Having sealed envelopes and finalizing things, I can now sleep peacefully at night.
I had gone to Wisma Putra early this morning to get my Letter of Good Conduct done. Also been asked several times if the person in my passport picture was me. Are you kidding me? I’m not sure if I am me? -_____-  Moving on, I’m glad I got it all done in an hour or less.
 Everyday is a countdown now. My dear friends have been trying to get as much of my time as possible, to hang out and spend the day with me before I leave for NZ. It’s less than a month! I’m trying to spend as much time as possible, with the person who will miss me (and me, her) the most… my baby sister. Things are gonna pass so quickly and before I know it, I’m already strutting  around in my new windbreaker and ugg boots in Wellington!
How could this not look like me! Tsk. Maybe it’s the bangs..
Anyway, Kelly Siew and Frank had treated me to a birthday lunch last Sunday at Sid’s Pub at TTDI. I had to say, best pub grub I’ve had yet! Did you know, that Sid’s was awarded Time out KL Best Pub Grub 2012?

I had always been curious about the food at Sid’s as I don’t usually have my meals at pubs or bars. So, I’ve been asking Kelly alot about it. Good thing she and Frank were there with me, and Kim too. We knew we were in good hands!

You’d probably go into a food coma, as Frank says, after our string of large orders. Haha!

Blue Cheese Mushrooms, RM16.
Mushroom served in cream and blue cheese. Good for sharing!

Pork Burger, RM26, with egg and cheese.
The patty for this one was pretty good and the cheese was just yummers! If you’re a small eater like me, just one burger like this would be enough to last me from morning right up till dinner!

Cod & chips, RM32.
This one was a winner! All of us loved the cod. The texture was just right, and it was served with peas on the side. I usually hate peas.. but these peas were darn good. Also, we changed the chips to mashed potatoes.

Sunday Roast, RM36, which includes soup.

We had chosen lamb, but there’s an option for beef as well. The portion is HUGE. Good thing there were a few of us to finish it up. In my opinion, the meat was a little bit on the tough side. However, the marination was superb and the smell of lamb wasn’t overpowering (not like the Morrocan lamb meatballs I had at Plan B).

Edible veges! I love them, very Ashley-friendly. Heheh

A picture of half-eaten Peas & Ham Soup. Again, hate peas. But peas at Sid’s are pretty awesome! First time having pea soup.

Really enjoyed my meal at Sid’s. For me, I found it rather cosy on a late Sunday afternoon to have super late lunch, like we did, and drinks. I’d definitely come here again, to try more of their stuff on the menu. I heard it gets really happening on weekend nights!

34 Lorong Rahim Kajai 14,
TTDI, Kuala Lumpur 60000.
Tel: +603-7727 7437

Ashley Mah

One comment on “Monologue : First things first

  1. Brendan Lee
    January 30, 2013

    Im gonna Missshhh you ma kitty cat… meooww… ❤ sobx sobx..~


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