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by Ashley M

Food Review : Royal Flush Restaurant

Chinese New Year is in a week’s time!
 Last week, I’ve been to the Royal Flush Restaurant, which is located at Ara Damansara with the other bloggers for a Lou Sang dinner. 
To be in the CNY/Chinese/Asian mood, I have made myself more Asian by putting my hair into a tiny knot bun sitting on top of my head.
I kinda like the whole buns + bangs combination. 🙂
Above is their Chinese New Year menu.
Myself, Sarah, Louise, Kelly and Tim Chew. 
All my dai kah cheh’s all in one room! Except Tim, of course.
Malaysia’s Hottest Bloggers were given one huge private room to fit about 20 plus girls? Imagine how noisy it was! Heh heh
Karen, Naomi, myself and Sarah
Kay and I! She always looks so flawless.
With Wilee & Jia Yeen.
For starters, we had these interesting looking sticks served in wine glasses. They are actually salmon flakes wrapped in wanton skin, deep fried. Crunchy and tasty, they make a nice appetizer to kick start a meal!
After which, we were served Grilled Cod fish served with onion rings. The fish was nicely done, not overcooked, which was nice. The onion rings could be crispier though, in my opinion .
The Dim Sum combination of fishball, siew mai and xiao long bao, which are savory Chinese delicacies. Small and bite-sized. Dim Sum makes good breakfast too! One of my favorites, actually, as I’m not a big eater.
Twin Cold Combination, which comprised of a dried oyster and sliced abalones on top of cucumbers topped with cherry tomatoes. Not really a fan of dried oysters though.

Grilled Scallop Bacon, which is a scallop wrapped in bacon. Also, served with cucumbers and cherry tomatoes. A very small and petite dish, though a bit on the salty side.

Here’s a palette cleanser and eye candy! 
Grilled Pork Ribs, baby! A combination of savory and sweet, it kind of tasted like the grilled cod earlier but it’s yummier, with the tender meat and the layer of fat (#sorrydiet).
Crunchy asparagus garnished with Bonito flakes.
 Every meal should have a rice dish!
 Above is abalone fried rice, served with abalone and bacon bits for that extra flavour in your mouth.
As for dessert, double boiled Bird’s Nest – a nourishing tradition. It is known to be rich in nutrients, which are traditionally believed to provide health benefits. On top of that, it’s yummy too. It is a sweet Chinese delicacy, and the texture of bird’s nest is like jelly.

“Lou Sang”! 
It is also known as the Prosperity Toss, also known as “Yu Sheng” and “Lo Hei”.

It consists of raw salmon, mixed with shredded vegetables and a variety of sauces and condiments, and other ingredients. The “Lou Sang” is considered a symbol of abundance, prosperity and vigor. I thought the one at this restaurant was quite tasty.
Probably the loudest Lou Sang, in the universe! 20+ gals tossing the Lou Sang up and down until it became slighty soggy (but still nice to eat), while screaming in excitement.
 I’m sure the gentlemen in the room had gone at least half deaf and the people in the other private rooms must have heard us gone wild over the Lou Sang!
I think what was special about this place was the settings and the ambiance. You really feel like you’re in olden China. As you can see, the restaurant is decked with red colored lanterns and chinese-y furniture. 
When I got to Oasis Square, it was hard not to miss the restaurant because of its distinctive Chinese roof and red walls!
Notice all the guys in the front row are bald? Hee.

Ps. Wasn’t well that night, had a bad gastric attack and everything went blurry after that. Blacked out due to low blood pressure, gastric and stress.I’ve had better nights, seriously.
 Thanks to all my jiejie’s who were concerned and took care of me, Andy for carrying me to the car and Tim for sending me back safely. 🙂

Royal Flush
Central Piazza, Oasis Square Ara Damansara,
No. 2, Jalan PJU 1A/7A ,
47301 Petaling Jaya,
Phone: 012-2997598 
For more info head over to
More photos at
Photos courtesy of Andy Kho.
Ashley Mah

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